20 March, 2013

Dream from last night. . .

I had an odd dream last night. . . My dreams have been a little quiet lately. I had a few after the passing of my Grandmother, but haven't had much since. If ya can't tell I like to document my dreams on blogger from time to time. It is actually pretty cool being able to go back and read over the details, since they seem to fade a bit over time. 

So the dream. . . 

I was pregnant, huge pregnant. I was at home, I got out of bed and felt my belly was sitting really, really low. I felt around and felt some more. . . something didn't' seem right. I felt all the way down to my crotch area, lol. sorry not sure how else to say it. I could feel something down below. As I felt around even more I could feel little tiny feet sticking out of me. I immediately realized I was having the baby and grabbed onto both little feet. I pulled slowly and pulled my baby out of my body. . . It was beautiful, but not breathing. I laid it upon my chest, I wasn't freaking out or anything, I was calm. I then pressed my mouth to its mouth and breathed into its tiny lungs. . . a few more breaths later and I could feel the tiny baby's chest rise and fall, and rise and fall. After that Josh was there with me and we held our baby close together. . . watching its every move. It was amazing *sigh*. I can't tell you what the gender was, but I felt as if it was a girl. . . I just can't say for certain. 

Very strange. . . but I loved the dream. It felt so real :) 

I guess the closer we get to our IVF cycle the more active my dreams will become.! I have my Hysteroscopy on Tuesday, the day after my 30th birthday! Eeeek :)

Still can't believe I'm going to be 30 on Monday.
Have a great day everyone!!!



  1. What a beautiful dream! I pray it comes true! I am so excited that you are getting so close to doing IVF! So so close! Good to hear from you :)

  2. Getting closer to bringing baby home!

  3. Hoping that you get pregnant with the IVF.

  4. Oh I love that dream! Your time is coming girl, I can feel it. Hang in there and keep the hope alive!


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