23 February, 2013

IVF update!!

We officially went in on February 4th for our first IVF consult appointment!!

Since my grandmother passed away the day before our appointment my brain was not really focused on the IVF stuff. The day of our appointment we were supposed to give blood and "swim team" samples, but I also had an appointment with the funeral home that day, so we didn't get to do that part, because I needed to leave earlier than expected. I've been holding out on doing anything over the last couple weeks, because I just needed more time to deal with her death. I didn't want to start blood work until I felt a little bit more normal, and less emotional. . . I'm doing better now. It is still hard and it hurts that she is gone, but I'm learning to smile again. . .

Josh and I went to the Fertility office on Friday to get things started!! I went to GNC and picked up our high antioxidant vitamins. Geeeez. . .  72.00 Bucks for a 1 month supply for both of us. *gulp*

I gave about 8 vials of blood and Josh also gave blood and a "swim team" sample. (He's such a trooper)

They did a Direct Sperm Antibody test, in the office - which came back normal!!! They are also doing a Sperm Fragmentation test, to see if we'll need IVF - ICSI.

My TSH level was normal :)

I learned that I'll need a diagnostic Hysteroscopy, as my Doctor thinks I may have a polyp. . . Uggg. On March 22nd, I'll have my pre-op appointment and on the 26th I'll have the "mini surgery" as they call it. My doctor will do it in the O.R. and put me under that way if there is a polyp, she can remove it and send it off for testing ASAP.

Once I get the Hysteroscopy done, we'll go back into the office and go over all of our blood work and swim-team tests. Then we'll set up a start date for our IVF cycle and go over the medication process. I think we'll have to schedule a class with the nurse to teach us how to do the injections, what to mix, when to mix and all that good stuff.

Holy Crap. (O.o) -  I'm getting more excited each day!!!



  1. Good luck to you and your hubby! My heart goes out to the two of you and I pray you get a blessing soon.

  2. Crystal...I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. Mine was diagnosed with cancer last year and by the grace of God...she is still with me. But I know it is going to hurt like hell when she is gone. Sounds like you have a good plan to move forward. You and I might be cycling together. Good luck with your hysteroscopy.

  3. How exciting that the process is under way! Be thankful that you'll be under for your hysterscopy...I was awake for mine. No bueno! Thinking of you as you move forward!

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. May peace be with during this difficult time. A polyp was found during my hysto. After it was removed I had no trouble getting pregnant after my IVF procedure. Best of luck getting started and I will look forward to your posts!

  5. I'm really happy for you and hopefully and end-around mother nature with your fertility issues. It's the little things like $75 worth of vitamins that make you gulp, but then shrug and say if it helps you'd be willing to pay ten times that amount. I work for an infertility clinic and I'm tasked at times with offering encouragement on various blogs, so I hope you find success.

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