25 January, 2013

Time-Lapse of tree painting!!

So. . . I finally painted the a tree on my front living room wall!!! 

I love, love. . LOVE it!! 

I even made a fancy time-lapse video for you all to see my craftiness.

Hope you are all doing well!!

IVF Consult appointment is less than two weeks away (O.o) - Eeek


02 January, 2013

Saying goodbye to 2012 with a smile!!

Happy New Year to all my fabulous Family, Friends and Followers  

I hope this New Year brings you all an overabundance of happiness, love and laughter. And most of all - I hope that 2013 brings a few long awaited BFP's to the TTC community :) Josh and I rang in the New Year with some good friends and a few strong drinks. This is basically our last hurrah, last party, last drunken night for a long while!! There will be no more beer, wine, soda or fast food for us in the new year, lol. Being healthy for IVF is our main focus!!!

Personally, I'm grateful 2012 has finally ended. The only thing about 2012 I care to say is this - I had the best summer in 2012, ever!! Better than I have had in years. Seriously, it was the best. I spent so much time with friends and making new freckles that I almost forgot that I was living the life of an infertile, lol  :)

Other than that, 2012 can suck it for all I care. Hehehe. I'd go back and sift through all the gory details, but I think I can do without reliving the relentless depression, festering anger, deep-rooted sadness and complete loss of hope. Don't get me wrong. . . it could have been worse, much worse. . . and there were definitely some great memories mixed in there. . . but still - 2012 sucked a big one.

Now it is 2013 and that means a fresh start, a new year and a new life canvas to paint - Today I woke up with an overwhelming feeling of hope and motivation!! And I finally started taking my vitamins, again :) Josh took his too!! We will get back into our routine and it will be fabulous, it's breaking all the bad habits that will be hard, lol. I started taking down all of my Christmas decor yesterday *sigh*, just getting the house back in order feels great! I'm about to paint a beautiful tree on the teal wall in the front living room. Eeeek! I'm really excited about it. It will be similar to the tree I painted in my bathroom in September of 2011. I wanted to start the tree before Christmas, but once I put my tree up, I knew there was no way I'd paint the wall until after it was all over. I will post pictures when I'm done with it. Any-who that's about it my peeps. I am going to try and catch up on all my Blogging friends this week. I feel so out of the loop on all of your journey's and lives, ugggg. I've got a lot of reading to do.

Oh and if you will. . . A dear friend of mine had to say goodbye to his Mother who was fighting a battle with Melanoma Skin Cancer on New Years Eve morning. . . He is young, under 25, she was young and in the prime of her life . . . He was very close and she was taken far too early, if you are the type that prays, please pray that he will have enough strength to make it through the coming weeks and months ahead. . . It's terribly tragic and makes my heart feel heavy for him . I mean, it is sad when anyone passes away, but when they are older you kind of understand that it is something that will happen, eventually. When they are in the middle of their life, it is tragic. . . and beyond unfair. Like I said, please keep Sean in your thoughts.