04 March, 2012

CD - 3 IUI # 2 w/Letrozole

Our February "trying on our own" Cycle was a BFN. AF came on Friday and I could not have been more happy!! Obviously I was a little bummed that I didn't magically get pregnant on my own, but I'm really excited about this month so I'm not going to let myself feel negative! *Eeek*

I started taking Letrozole today so I'm sure I can expect the hot flashes to kick in tomorrow... at least they are not as bad as when I used to take Clomid, that was ridiculous! I'm already scheduled to go in on March 12th for a follicle check. I ovulated from the left side last month and Dr. Laura confirmed that on my baseline Friday. I went in on Friday CD 1, because Dr. Laura will be out next week. I wore my orange socks (I think they could be lucky, lol) Thank goodness AF came when she did. I would have been so upset if I could not make timing this month. Then we'd have to wait this month and another month just to get back on the right side - talk about frustrating. So... I should definitely ovulate from the right side this month *fingers crossed* that all goes according to plan :)

Does anyone taking Letrozole(Femara) notice loose joints? My hips and shoulders start to ache, and when I walk my hip joints feel like they might come unhinged... Hummm. It's not that bad just annoying more than anything since I'm on my feet for most of my day. Yesterday when I got to work I helped load up for the Bridal show and today my right wrist is soooo sore. Uggg. LOL Joint pain or what ever, I'll take it if that results in a successful IUI this month, lol. I'm ready and sooo excited to see what happens for us. I looked at timing and we may get to do our IUI on St. Patrick's day *sigh* that would be so awesome.

And if it works that would give us an early early December Baby, and early Christmas present *sigh*. My heart will have to survive on hope... pure hope and faith - that we are meant to be parents.

Have a great day Everyone!

Youtube Vlog!!
IUI #2 / CD - 3 w/Letrozole (March)



  1. Good luck!! We are all meant to be parents!! It's just not as easy for some of us as others...don't give up hope! Love the socks...

  2. Love your orange socks! I have chronic joint pain (haven't been able to pinpoint the cause of that yet) and am on Femara, but I know it's not the cause for me. It may not help it, though. We were thinking the combo or vitamins/ meds would help that, but no dice. Hope you get some relief soon...I know how it feels to have hips that feel like they are in a vice grip! Wishing you the best of luck this IUI!

  3. Sending you all the luck in the world! I love those orange socks! They look pretty lucky to me!! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for this months IUI! Fingers crossed!

  4. I have high hopes that this is the one for you girl! I have everything crossed that this will all go smoothly and you will get your Christmas baby! Oh and thanks for the advice on Letrozole, I will (hopefully) be switching to that for next cycle! Big hugs friend! xo

  5. Hoping and praying you get your Christmas baby! A St Patrick's day IUI would be awesome!

  6. Here's to an early Christmas present! Good luck - I'll be cheering for you.

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