05 March, 2012

Blogging for Endometriosis Awareness

To kick the month off, March 1st will be Yellow Shirt Day so sport your yellow loud & proud on Thursday! We would love to see social media turn yellow! We will hold a linkup here on Thursday for those who want to participate so we can be sure to stop by your blog and say thanks! If you don’t want to change your entire avatar, you can add an Endometriosis awareness ribbon & we would be just as grateful

A little late, hehe - Here is my Yellow shirt!!

Throughout the month of March, we will also be hosting a blog carnival with each week having a different topic to help share your story and experiences with Endo to help create awareness as well as support and encouragement for our fellow Endo warriors!

Here are the topics:

Week of March 5th: Physical impact that Endometriosis has had on your life

Week of March 12th: Mental impact that Endo has had on your life.

Week of March 19th: Fertility issues (if any) related to Endo

Week of March 26th: Things that you have found helpful with Endo or that have allow you to cope in spite of illness


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