03 February, 2012

Houston: We have CD 1

Today is February 3rd and officially CD 1!!
*Happy Dance and a Booty shake*

I always have to laugh at myself when I get overly excited that AF is coming to town!


CD-1 should have been yesterday, but AF decided to take her sweet time and arrived late last night. All day I could tell she was coming. I was in a crap-tastic mood, I was cramping, and I was stuck in the normal "auto pilot-period brain". It also seemed as if all I could think about was the miscarriage in Nov :| I kept reliving all the details in my head as if it happened yesterday. I felt so much emotion creeping in that after Josh went to bed I poured a big glass of wine and sobbed like a baby. I realized after crying last night, that I had not cried much throughout January. November & December were so very hard to get through. January was full of anger and frustration. You could say that I was living in a very dark place, yet trying to be normal.

So yea, I was a hot mess last night.

This morning when I woke up I felt lighter than I had the night before. I got out of bed, looked at my self in the mirror and actually smiled a big happy smile. I felt like I had not even done that in a while, or at least if I had it was one of those pretend fake smiles... Today was the real deal.

I called my RE office this morning and spoke with Coral! She sounded happy to hear my voice, which made me feel a little special. I'm scheduled to go into the office on Monday morning at 10:00 am for my baseline ultrasound. Eeeek!!! As long as my uterine lining and ovary's look good, I'll pick up the Letrozole and we'll be on our way to IUI #2 sometime around Valentines Day :) If all goes well, we'll know by the end of the month if it worked. *gulp* *sigh* I'm so nervous, but I will happily welcome the hot flashes and mood swings if we get a baby out of all this!

Here is my Youtube Vlog Update !!



  1. Happy Dance!!! Sending you lots of positive vibes for this cycle!! :)

    1. Thanks!! I'm excited and have to admit I've been checking your blog anxiously waiting to see how things are going :) Sending Positive sticky vibes!!

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  3. Yay!!! CD 1 has arrived! I'm wishing you all the luck in the world on this try and I hope you get good news on Monday! Your positivity is contagious! :-)

    1. Thanks Joanna!!! I appreciate all the sweet thoughts :)

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