04 January, 2012

Endometriosis Pictures

The pictures below are from my own surgery in July 2011. I wanted to post them when I had surgery, but I never got around to it. I found them a few days back and thought I'd share for any of my Endo Ladies out there. They are kinda gross, kinda neat, kind not-so cool, but overall they are informative for others. It is interesting to see the body from inside.
* * * *Not for those with a weak stomach* * * *

I was supposed to just have a cyst taken off my left ovary, they were going to "look" to see if there was any Endo. They wound up finding Stage IV Endometriosis :| Everything was stuck together, I have a ton of scar tissue, and the left side is pretty much crap-ola. I was told I have a partially frozen pelvis, meaning it's crap, crap, crap!! I'm learning to accept this :) It is the reason for my infertility, so when I'm mad at my "IF" struggles, I get mad at Endo - Errrr! !

I hope the pictures are not offensive to anyone !!

* * * *
Not for those with a weak stomach* * * *

Uterus in the middle, left ovary and fallopian tube covered in adhesion's - stuck to side bowl wall, ligaments and Fallopian tube on right side, ligaments covered in adhesion's. Filmy pink stretchy looking stuff is all adhesion's and scar tissue

Right Ovary with Endo on surface, small spots, adhesion's behind ovary and fallopian tube. Lot's of scar tissue, but not in the way of the tube opening, yet.

Left side view of uterus and left ovary. Black/Dark area is "blood sausage" a blood sac around my ovary, and tube opening. Lots of scar tissue/ adhesion's. everything on that side is stuck to the to the side of my intestines

On the left you see the blood sac at the bottom of my huge left ovary. On the right you see adhesion's and my right ovary with Endo spots. All the red filmy looking stuff is scar tissue and adhesion's

The Blood sac being cut away from my tube

My poor left tube free of the blood sac, but mangled and all twisted up.

The cyst within my ovary being destroyed. They could not get all of it, so it will eventually grow back into a monster. Uggg.


  1. Ok, Blogger does not send me all of your posts. So annoyed with them. I missed this post earlier.

    I've gotta compliment you on your uterus and totally not in a creepy way. It's so much prettier than mine! Endo sucks, though.

  2. Thanks!!! And, Yes that was the one thing my doctor said too, Your uterus looks really good! I was so thankful. Boooo To Endo!!

  3. thanks for posting

    my vaginal ultrasound says my left ovary is stuck to the pelvic wall but I didn't want a laparoscopy so I had the mirena coil inserted instead; it's been 14 months and my periods are gone :-) but today my left side is hurting again ;-(

    thanks for posting and explaining; great pics

  4. God bless you Crystal. I too have/had stage IV endo (1987). Your story is both familiar and similar. I pray that "our" stories will help ease mental anguish for our sisters. I am truly sorry you had to go through this and wish you joy inspire of it. Thanks for sharing.
    Stacy Calhoun.

  5. I just had my peek a boo surgery. when the doctor told me I had stage four endometriosis I was just confused. I had been in pain so long and nobody could tell me why. my doctors just said I had fibroids. I felt like a wimp. I didn't know what endometriosis was and when googling ran across this. Thank babe. do very much appreciated

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  7. Thanks for sharing your story. I too have stage 4 endo and just received the same surgery 3 Weeks ago.

  8. how big was your cysts?

  9. My Dr just informed me of my endo n requested that I get a depo shot to see if it will shrink, or cause me less pain if not I'll have to have the surgery

  10. Thank you for sharing. Very helpful for me as I start to understand my own journey with endometriosis ♥

  11. I have been to your blog several times and I appreciate your into. I have had exploratory laparoscopy and it was to see how my endo is ~they were only thinking to remove my left ovary and scrap my uterus and right ovary ,then 2-5 years more or less take my uterus.
    Well now the Dr ,has said I have somuch endo across my uterus and ovaries it looks like cement. The Dr , says I have had it for 20 years and cant believe what pain I have been threw. I never knew it was suppose to be any other way except for pain during and before and after your period.I have had 3 kids and 2 miscarriages. My mom had it , my grandmother , all my aunts , several cousins.So I guess it is definantly passed from mother to daughter , which is so sad to me my heart is breaking as my daughter will more or less have it, and I know how much pain Ive been threw~and to think my daughter has a huge chance to get it as well makes me so sad.I wish there was a way to know how to not get it, a special way to not eat or to eat ,or a better way of life to not end up with it. I wish there was a way to save her from the pain, and the surgery, and recovery time , with a family there is no right time especially for a woman.
    Im now wondering howmuch time Ill be down after the surgery,and how much pain Ill be under I hope he leaves me with one ovary so I don't go into menopause,Ive already been so hormonal,I truly don't know howmuch more my family can take , of Dr Jekle and Mr Hyde {the last 6 months especially} Needless to say Im an emotional wreck right now and looking desperately for answers and no one understands unless been threw it themselves,so thank you for this page.


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