05 January, 2012

8 Day's until Vegas!!

We leave for Vegas in 8 days!!

And. . . I can't believe my Best friend "since before we had boobs" is finally getting married!! I'm sooo excited for her! ! ! Eeeek ♥

She informed me that she and Jim will be trying for a baby in February. Uggg... I will admit; that was a lot to swallow. She brought it up by asking me which is the best prenatal vitamin to take, I really don't like it when people beat around the bush. Just freaking say what you have to say, lol. I I truly wish them the best!!! I hope it doesn't take her long, and I hope I am able to contain all of my emotional feelings if she gets pregnant before I do. I will survive no matter what :) I'm super excited for her ♥ Maybe we'll get pregnant at the same time, that would truly be the most amazing thing ever. lol We are trying again in Feb, but she didn't ask when we were going to try again so I didn't tell her. It would have been nice of her to ask me about it, but I'm sorta getting used to people not asking me anything, but it still sucks. The plan is to keep it to ourselves, so I will stick with that. We'll let our parents know, just in case we need a support system if things go badly, but everyone else will have to wait. I think I may be more excited about the IUI in February than I am about Vegas, lol.


  1. I want to hear all about Vegas!! We are supposed to go at the end of February!! So take notes and lots of good pics and have a blast!!!

  2. Have fun in Vegas!! and February IUI is right around the corner!!! YAY!! Sending you lots of good luck!


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