11 December, 2011

Neat - My first blog award!

I received my very first Blog award from----> Our Journey through this Lovely Life

Alexis - Thank You so much!
You made me smile and made my day. I feel so excited to receive this award, and to know that people actually read my ramblings - Thanks so very much!!

Similar to the Liebster Blog Award, certain rules also apply in receiving this award:

* Thank the person who passed the award on to you.
* List 7 things that people may not know about you.
* Pass the award to 15 other bloggers and don't forget to notify them as well.

About Me

I am a natural redhead with lots of freckles
I was born in Fort Worth, Texas
I love the color Turquoise or any sort of teal/aqua shade
My favorite month is October
I am an Aries 7, with Virgo rising and a Leo Moon
I Harry Potter
My favorite comfort food is Chicken and Rice with all tha fixin's


I have given Awards to these lovely Blogs! If I listed you here it is because I have greatly enjoyed reading your blog through the year, and secretly you have helped me on my own journey - Thank you all so much and best of luck to each of you ♥

Finding Joy in the Journey
I believe in Miracles
No Longer Broken
Trying for A Baby
Mission: Fertile Soul


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