11 December, 2011

Did someone say Vegas?!?

Sooo. . . The hub's and I are flying to Vegas in January!!! OMG, Omg, omg.

In the 13 years that Josh and I have been together, we've never, ever flown on a plane together. Josh is not big on flying, and most of our trips have all been between here and Louisiana, sooo yea. . . Did I mention that we fly out on Friday the 13th??? Hahahah.

My best friend (since before we had boobs) Anna is marrying her long time boyfriend of the past 7 years! I'm so excited for her *sigh*

She will be an Amazing Bride - I can't wait!!

We are booked at Ballys which is next to the Paris Hotel and across from the Bellagio. Eeeeek!! The picture below shows where we'll be staying. . . right in the heart of Vegas ♥ *happy dance*

All I can say is. . . This is going to be a fabulous celebration of true Love, and a Great way to start off the New Year.


  1. O how fun!!! Vegas is great!! You guys will love it!

  2. Thanks!! We are really excited :) Ready to start the New Year off with fun-times!!


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