18 December, 2011

Time is moving again!

I'm completely done with my HCG monitoring. . . So no more unnecessary trips to the Fertility office *Happy Dance* Yay!! I will miss seeing them over the next few months, however I will not miss the sinking feeling I get every time I pull into that parking garage. I've cried so many times in that garage, it is not even funny.

AF finally arrived this and what a relief. It totally explains why I've felt so depressed, and crappy the last few weeks.I started Birth-Control today, Ugggg. It always makes me laugh when I have to be put on it. I mean seriously, I'm infertile, and your putting me on medication so I don't get pregnant. Hahaha. I'm only taking BC to try and keep my Endometriosis at bay until we do IUI # 2.

And. . . If all goes well we should be able to do our 2nd IUI the second week in February.


I'm excited, scared, nervous, hopeful, and ready. We will not be telling anyone when we do it, it will be our secret. . . I will share the journey with my blog peep's, but that is as far as it will go. If you happen to read my blog, and you are family or a close friend ---> Keep your lips sealed and wish us luck, because we'll definitely need all the luck and sticky dust you could possibly give ♥

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