08 September, 2011

Day - 20

Since my inner self is starting to wake back up... I decided that I would finally finish my 30 day photo challenge! I was looking through my photo albums online and realized that I completely stopped back in May, when I found out about my ovarian cyst. I guess I was just down in the dumps. Well, not anymore! I'm back and and ready to finish what I started.

Day 20 - A picture of somewhere you'd love to travel

I found this awesome picture on - www.pinterest.com - my new favorite addiction!!

Europe is where I'd like to go!! I don't know exactly why; I've been drawn to it all my life for some reason. Maybe it's because of my Irish/Welsh heritage, who knows! I would also love to see South America and southern Mexico; mainly for the Mayan ruins and ancient temples. Europe is a place I have secretly wished to live for a long time inside my little fantasy world hahaha. And, I'm not talking going to London, or Paris; I mean sure they would be great to see, but I want to see Europe! I want to taste and feel the culture in a way that TV and Movies can't provide. America is amazing and I haven't even seen half of her beautiful sights, but I have my whole life to see America, lol *sigh* Someday Josh and I will go - for sure!

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