28 August, 2011

Teddy -The stray that became ours :)

So first of all let me say... When we got our sweet Daisy a few years back (our second dog) Josh said no more. Then last year Mr. Scruffy came along and we just could not resist, again... Josh said no more. Well now we have added another dog to our little Bernard Family. This one has a sweet story and there will be NO MORE additions after this, unless it's a sweet Bernard Baby (hehehe). 4 Dogs, a loud-mouthed cat and a fish... is plenty.

One morning last week Josh told me that there was a stray dog hanging out behind the house and that it had been back there for a few days.(keep in mind it's been over 100 all week) We live on a creek so there is a bunch of trees behind us and no houses, I know... it's great! I said to Josh "Maybe we should give it some food" to which he replies "I already did and water" I was kind of shocked, but then again he does have a soft spot for dogs. I went outside with Josh to see Teddy and give him more food, he was so skinny and emaciated that my heart instantly sank. As we walked up to the fence he started wagging his tail, scrunching up his nose and showing us his teeth; not in a scary way, but in a way that seemed as though he was very happy to have food, water and human contact. Each morning Josh would get up and take him food and water, then one day Jen came over so we took her outside to see him. We were outside petting him over the fence for a good 10 min and then we went back inside the house, not even 10 minutes later I looked outside and he was sitting on out back porch. I yelled at Josh to come see, and he immediately looked at me and said "Did you put him back there"? I laughed and said "Absolutely not". We went out to greet him and he was so excited, we found the hole later that evening and Josh covered it. Since he decided to dig his way into our backyard and he's done well with the other dogs, we've decided to keep him :) I need to take him to a vet soon to get him shots and make sure he doesn't have heart worms or anything... But he's definitely apart of our family now and I'm excited to have him with us. Every morning when I wake up I head outside to check on him and each time I am greeted with his silly smile and wagging tail... We've brought him in the house a few times and showed him how to use the dog door, but he has yet to come in on his own. We think whom ever had him really didn't take very good care of him and possibly never allowed him to go inside, poor guy - He's a bit of a scardy-cat lol It's also our first medium sized dog... we've been a hybrid chihuahua family for a while now

Welcome to the Family, Teddy!!


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