14 August, 2011

Houston: We have Ovulation!!

Well, we had 40 days of 100+ temperatures and didn't break the 42 day record that was made in 1980. Bummer. lol I know what your thinking! Why would I want this heat to continue?!? Well, since we did get to 40 days I was kinda hoping we'd make it to 43 days so that we could always think back and go "Remember in 2011, when we were living in hell" hahaha. But noooo, we had to break it for a day and now we're right back where we started, Ugh. I'm sure I've said this many times already...but I'm sooo over this summer it's not even laughable *serious face*

We did get a bit of rain on Saturday *ahhhh* and it stayed cloudy most of the day, which was quite refreshing. Friday as I was leaving the house to head over to a friends and when I walked outside and the sky was full of dark, fast moving and ominous looking clouds! I was mesmerized and pinning for the fall weather to blow in sooner rather than later hehe. I was almost stopped dead in my tracks. All summer we've had clear blue sky's with little escape from the sun... So walking out to a sky painted in hues of dark blues and grays was the highlight of my day! I stood outside taking many photo's hoping and crossing my fingers it would rain, but to no avail, it waited till Saturday and then got really, really muggy. It's now Sunday-Funday and well.. it's hotter than a mo-fo out there. Even though it was only one day of cloudiness, I am thoroughly excited for fall come back around. Our cloudy day was a sweet preview and a big tease all a the same time :)

On a fertility note - We are trying on our own this month, the old-fashioned way lol. I was kind of worried that with being on Birth Control for the last several months, that my cycle may take a bit longer to get back to normal. Much to my surprise it's been pretty normal! I definitely ovulated or am about to ovulate; well according to my ovulation strips I am or have :) Let's hope I ovulated from the right side and not the left since it's so crapified <---- Yes I know, that is totally a made up word :/ It has officially been a month since my Lap surgery and overall I feel great! I am disappointed to say I feel that the cyst from my left ovary is already starting to grow back *sad face*. Over this month I've had some menstrual & back aches that I really never had in the past or at least not recently. I'm sure it's just the healing process, but sometimes when I sit down I can feel pressure which makes me sit down slowly, and when the hub's and I get frisky, I can feel that side is very tender again. Errrr. It's not nearly as bad as it was, but I just hope that it doesn't grow back too fast. Our window of opportunity is small eeeek!

I'm starting to feel a little more excited each day, I was super excited when I got the dark pink line indicating that ovulation was fast approaching :) Funny I should say that because yesterday Josh said something along the lines of "when we have a son, we're going to name him" and then I said... in the calmest and most un-sarcastic voice..."We're probably never going to have kids babe". He looked up at me with a bit of surprise/shock in his eyes and voice then proceeded to tell me that if I think negativity like that, then our results will be just as negative. I wasn't in a bad mood or feeling depressed, I was just very neutral about it and didn't want to sound like I was getting my hopes up for anything. I have been feeling that a lot lately... thinking that this is all just a waste of time, but I'm finding it easier to deal with the "if" we never have children aspect of things, which is why I think it was so easy for me to say that. When he told me not to be negative, He actually said it in a more charismatic way, and it took me by surprise a little bit. It felt so good, watching his reaction because it was not the reaction on a man being forced to procreate, it was the reaction of a man who want's to build a family in what ever way we can. I told him that I wasn't trying to sound negative but that I was preparing my mind for the worst. His unpredictable reaction let me know that he want's this too, and doesn't want me to feel like it's impossible. It was a refreshing feeling that I got from him... I think I really needed that! I guess even though he doesn't talk about the issue as much as I do, it is still inside of him and just as raw for him as it is for me. Together we push forward :)

Wish us luck on our 2WW!! For those who don't know the "2WW" translates into our "Two week wait" the time from ovulation to the dreaded BFN or the shocking BFP!! My fingers, toes and anythings else that can be crossed, are crossed.

Have a Great week!!


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