05 May, 2011

Surgery will have to wait...

Well...sadly surgery will be put on hold until the beginning of July. Coral called yesterday to let me know that Dr. Laura indeed would not make it until the 18th. She gave me 3 options - 1. Continue the BC pills without the last week to completely stop my cycle, 2. Stop the BC pills and have a normal cycle with no drugs or 3. be refereed to another doctor to take care of it everything while Dr. Laura is out on medical leave. So I opted for option number 3. Coral reminded me that "we don't know exactly what it is" So don't feel bad about option 3. I didn't want to run out on Dr. Laura but I was anxious to get things moving along and find out what this mass is on my ovary. Coral then called back to say she was so sorry she made a mistake and I wouldn't be able to see the other doctor. So she called up my regular Gynecologist Dr. Henderson and spoke with her about everything, she said she could do it but probably not till the end of June and basically that it wasn't her specialty. I honestly did not want to go back and see her at all so I decided to just wait for Dr. Laura to return and do my surgery since she is a specialist. It kinda sucks that I have to wait but I did find out that I will still get my in-depth scan done on the 13th of this month with Radiology Associates and that makes me feel a lot better.

I was coming back from the post office today when Coral called to tell me that I'm now scheduled for pre-op on July 11th with surgery to follow on July 13th. Then she said "I don't want to alarm you, but we need you to come in and have a blood test(CA-125) to check for ovarian cancer". My heart skipped a beat... They never mentioned this before... So I'm going in tomorrow before work. I guess I'm glad they are being completely thorough but it makes my stomach feel a little nervous :/ I'm sure all will be fine...so I'm just going to think positive thoughts on this one until I know the results. Wish me luck!

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