29 April, 2011

Stupid Cyst :/

Wednesday was a great day and a bad night...

We got our pictures done which was so much fun, I'll make another post with all of our pics when we get them!!! That night after Josh went to bed I was still up in the office playing around on the net and watching a movie. I got up to go to bed and as soon as I stood up I felt excruciating pain from the left side of my ovary. I immediately fell back down in the chair and tried to pull myself together, my breathe was taken away by the sudden pain. All I could think was "I need to make it to the bathroom", I felt sick, dizzy and broke out into a sweat. I left the chair and made it to the kitchen where I dropped to my knees in extreme pain and curled up into a ball on the kitchen floor. I was in agony... After being there for a good 10 minutes I was finally able to crawl into the bathroom. As soon as I got to the bathroom I curled up with the towels and dirty cloths that were sprawled out on the floor. I got so sick that I violently threw up several times, I was peeing on myself as I threw up, I was shaking and it felt like my abdomen had a heartbeat of it's own. Like a headache that splits your head when you bend down; that is how it felt in my uterus, it felt it was being pushed from my body. I threw up a few more times and continued to shake as I stayed curled up in the bathroom floor for another 15 minutes, rocking myself in a fetal position. I was sweating, crying and my entire body was shaking... It was probably the most painful experience I've had ever!! I woke Josh up and told him what was happening... he was already dead asleep, he asked if I needed to go to the hospital. I took a handful of ibuprofen and crawled into bed with a heating pad, that didn't even help. I contemplated on having him take me to the hospital, but I figured If I could make it through the night then I would be okay. I was extremely sore on Thursday and still am. It's painful to cough, sneeze, laugh and even to sit down. I've never felt something so intense as that.

I went in for a visit with Dr. Laura our fertility specialist this morning. Jenicka was super sweet to me and chatted me up for a while in the waiting room :) She always makes me feel okay about why I'm there... Dr. Laura and Coral did another ultrasound and determined that I had a ruptured cyst and that I have several endometrioma's, one of which is about 4 cm. Not extremely huge but big enough to cause issues. I'm tentatively scheduled for surgery on May 18th. I will go on May 13th for an in-depth ultrasound with Radiology associates and then a pre-op visit with Dr. Laura on the 16th to make sure my body is healthy enough for surgery :) I'm ready to get this done and over with. She prescribed me birth control *hahaha* for the next few weeks, to make sure I don't get pregnant (lol) and to control the pain and growth of the endometriosis :/ I almost laughed out loud when she said we're going to put you on BC, I haven't taken that stuff in at least 8 years...hahaa. I know it will help and I am looking forward to some relief from the pain and discomfort I'm feeling.


  1. Sometime soon everything will become better!...Daniel

  2. You have to be one of the strongest women I know. I hope this is soon all a distant memory. <3


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