16 April, 2011

On auto pilot...

My brain has been in la-la land lately and it feels like April is flying by with record speed. I've been in a fog, a funk...a whatever you call it. I wouldn't say that I've been depressed but just on auto pilot kinda. I haven't blogged since my *Lava Dream*. I haven't even been on top of my 30 day photo challenge and I was using that as filler already! Ever since the diagnoses my cyst I've tried not to really think of it much and so I just go about the day and put it out of my mind. Having to wait 4 weeks to find something out is a total bummer. So the best way to get through the month is suppress those crazy obsessive feelings and just wait until it's time to do something about it.

I recently got my hair cut, added a vibrant red to enhance my color and I have to say it's helping me feel a bit more alive. I find waking my brain up from the winter is taking a lot longer this year. Spring is definitely here, I can already feel that we are going to have a hot summer and probably very little rain. I have been exchanging emails with a friend over the last few weeks, she had questions about the IUI treatment we were going to do. I sent her an explanation with a little back history and she suggested I use it as an "Infertility Recap". I think that's going to be my next post... Having an email pen-pal is kinda nice!

Josh and I will be getting our pictures taken by Serendipity Photography at the end of April and I can't wait!! We haven't had professional pictures taken since we got married and that's been 7 years :) Next month we celebrate 8 years on May 24th. May 1st 1998 is the day Josh asked me to be his girlfriend so we always count that as our full number of years together and that will be 13 years! I'm so proud of us ♥

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