01 April, 2011

Day - 9

Day 09 - A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most

This woman has gotten me through most everything in life. She was one tough cookie who seemed to always put it bluntly. She rescued me from a life in foster care as a child. Things were not always easy and we fought like crazy the older I got. Despite our difficult times...I love her more then myself sometimes! I see her now as this delicate flower I must protect in every way. She taught me about people and how to read between the lines, unconditional love, picking yourself up after devastation, being happy with the things we had instead of things we didn't have. I watched her suffer deeply when her husband *my papa* died. She raised my brother and I on a small social security check and always made sure we had food in our bellies, cloths on our backs and love to see us through the hard times. She was hard on us from the beginning, but she just wanted us to have a chance and wanted to see us grow up responsibly. She taught me a great deal about life and how to make it when the odds are stacked against you. She is an amazing woman with a very big heart...she is my Mom, my Nanny and my best friend till the end ♥

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