15 April, 2011

Day - 16

Day 16 - A picture of someone who inspires you

I've thought on this photo for days and days... Many people inspire me and to be truly honest I am inspired by everyday people, people I don't even know, people I see at the counter at the gas station, who are abnormally chipper for being at stuck at work, people who are actually helpful on the customer service line...lol

So I've decided that Women inspire me the most. They are my amazon warriors, my female friends, my sisters from other mothers, the mothers that never birthed me, the women who tell it like it is, the women who raise children and still manage to work and or go to school, the woman who studies instead of parties all night, the woman who cares for others in such a way you think they must be sent from the heavens, the woman who work their asses off everyday and the women who rise above the expected and achieve the unexpected. The ones I lean on in times of need and the ones who help me figure out my biggest problems. The ones who show me that anything is possible by their own actions and accomplishments. They are each different, each playing the different cards they've been dealt, each inspiring to me in specific ways, each strong and still nurturing at the same time. No offense to any of you awesome men out there but Women...we've come along way. We owe it all to the woman who came before us and the men who once stood and still stand beside us ♥

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