16 March, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day ♥

*Sigh* Spring is definitely in the air ♥ and March is off to such a great start! Only 9 days left until my Birthday *hehee*

I got to experience the *Greatness* that is Lady Gaga on Monday and it was so freaking Fab-uuuulous! I danced my little ass off the entire time...Anna and I jammed pretty hard-core on the drive back to her house too :)It was Great!! I was off work for the day and drove to Anna's at about 3:00. We made some cocktails and got ready to Gaga blasting in the background. We met up with Lindsey and two of her friends...Courtney and Jen, at the Fairfield Inn and Suits across from the American Airlines Center. We had a great view and I could see the Market Hall building from her window...my favorite building in Dallas. We made a few more drinks at the hotel room and all had a shot before we met the cab downstairs. The crowd was huge, dressed to kill and excited beyond anything. The "Scissor Sisters" opened for Gaga and put on a pretty awesome show. I would definitely go back to see her :)

I bought a scrapbook back in October of last year and just now got around to doing it. *pat's herself on the back* Throughout the week I've been going through files on my computer and finding stuff to print. I've realized that because of this digital world we've all become accustomed to... my actual printed photographs stop at about 2008. Everything else is either on a CD's, random hard-drives and SD cards :/ I went to CVS today and printed 65 pictures for only 11.99. Not too bad! I'm excited to buy another scrapbook and do a "Friend" one. The one I did today was of Josh and I through the years...starting all the way back from the good ole high-school days..hehehe. My pictures have just been sitting in boxes for so long that I'm tired of walking into them and just sick of staring at them all crammed into the corner of our cloths room... I can't imagine how many more boxes I would have if I'd actually been printing everything from the last few years...lol.

Only another week and hopefully and we'll be embarking on a very interesting journey. We're digging deeper into this world of *fertility treatment* and putting our hearts out there on line...completely unprotected and vulnerable all at once. It might work *fingers crossed* and we'll be on cloud nine or it could fail and we could be crushed in a single instant. Either way I'm ready! Whatever outcome is dealt to us, we will handle... It's already after midnight so I guess I should go ahead and wish all my fellow Irish Lovelies a *Happy St. Patrick's Day* Don't forget to wear your green and at the end of your hard day...please have a nice cold pint of beer, green if you can find it and If you don't drink...then you're not Irish *tehehee*

♥An Irish Blessing ♥

“May God grant you always...A sunbeam to warm you, a moonbeam to charm you, a sheltering Angel so nothing can harm you. Laughter to cheer you. Faithful friends near you. And whenever you pray, Heaven to hear you.”


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