10 March, 2011

Almost there!!

I’ve never been excited to get a visit from AF but this month is a totally different story. I’m secretly counting down the days in my head! We are past ovulation and onto the two week stretch *giggle*. I’m really excited to get this show on the road. Bart, Sheila, Jen, Wooky and Miranda came over for a Mardi Gras dinner on Tuesday, I made my first King Cake, it was a success!!Josh marinated and then cooked pork-chops on the grille while I made sides inside and enjoyed several glasses of wine with Jen and Sheila! Bart took some photos of course which turned out lovely…and we just all sat around chatting and sipping wine. It was a really nice visit… I feel badly that we don’t visit them as often as we should.I told Josh and Sheila on Tuesday that we were going to make this a little tradition. We are going to have them over at least once a month for Family dinner and some always needed catch-up time! It’s important that we stay close as a family.

We finally got an offer on the truck… They are offering 6,300, which isn’t bad at all. I was totally thinking we’d get screwed, but someone was looking out for us! We have to fax all the paper work in tomorrow and hopefully by Monday we’ll get the money and we can start looking for a used car. I seriously do not want car payments so we are planning to pay cash for something, hopefully something from a private owner. I hope this is a smooth process. *sigh* I‘m sad that we’re saying goodbye to the truck…she’s been with us for a while and moved us and our belongings many times; she has been good to us. We thought about getting another truck, since we’ve always had a truck and car, but with gas prices at 3.40 a gallon and rising, I think a car will be better and probably cheaper. Especially, since we want to bring a little one into our lives. We won’t be moving for a very long time…so we decided a car is the smartest option.

Since this is our “Month Off” of fertility meds... I’ve been enjoying wine, a smidgen of caffeine here and there and not having hot flashes followed by spontaneous crying episodes. It has been nice :)The closer we get to starting the IUI process, the more my stomach has butterflies..hehee. And...everyone and their mother is having dreams about me being pregnant! It's is kind cute when they tell me, and I can see in their eye's that they feel, "this is a sign" lol...

The Lady Gaga concert is on Monday and I am sooo excited!! I’ll be meeting Anna at her house in Carrollton; we’ll get ready there and then head over to meet Lindsey for a drink because she’s staying in a hotel a few miles from the American Airlines Center :) I have been preparing myself for the awesomeness of Gaga, by jamming out to her tunes all week while getting ready for work! I’m ready to have some fun and sing my lil-heart out! I love the month of March, the season is changing, the time changes, the flowers start to bloom and of course...My birthday is in March!!

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