31 March, 2011

Day - 8

Day 08 - A picture that makes you laugh

What can I say... My *Daisy-doo how are you* is seriously one of the funniest dog's I've ever had. She has a very unique personality that keeps me laughing on a daily basis ♥

Day - 7

Day 07 - A picture of your most treasured item

These are the many love letters from my husband Josh. He would write to me all the time in high school. I saved them all and have even added some throughout the years!! Somehow these worn pages have more love contained inside them...then any single item I could think of ♥

A Strawberry Celebration ♥

My 28th Birthday was more then I could have asked for!! I felt Happy and Loved on the anniversary of my birth ♥ I took Friday and Saturday off, which is rare. Being a manager at a downtown hotel usually doesn't allow for a weekend life *sniff sniff* So taking the two days off felt really nice and it was very much needed. I slept in on my birthday and when I woke up was alone because Josh was already off to work. My Grandmother called to sing happy birthday to me! My birthday always starts with a song from her and it makes my heart happy. I got up, lounged around the house listening to amazing music, sat on the back porch and admired the pretty flowers I planted recently! They were alive with vivid color and standing tall...gathering all the suns love. I drove downtown to have lunch with my awesome & crazy best friend...Sarah Bird. We walked to Mamba's a little Mexican place right off Houston St. The food was great and not as pricy as some of the places on my side of downtown. I enjoyed really, really lunch with Sarah, she always has such interesting stories to tell lol. We've celebrated the last 8 years of our birthday's together...we've had some memorable times. After lunch I went back home and waited for Josh to get off work, he got home and was really tired and kind of blah...so I crashed out and took a nap. I woke up at 6:00 and was supposed to be at the Bowling alley at 7 to get our lanes! Eeek. I was running around in a nap-daze trying to get ready...it was certainly a sight to see *giggle*. Finally we were on the road to *bowling-fun*. Josh and his sweet self let me jamm to Lady Gaga on the way!! Bowling for my birthday was a pretty genius idea I do have to say so *hehehe* I wanted to do something different and this was the best idea I've had in a while! Sooo much fun :) There is nothing better than pitchers of beer and bowling alley food :) Anna's boyfriend Jim came out with her which was a first, the guys Anthony and Justin came, my friends Lindsey and her friend Michelle, Angie and Brandon from work, Jen and Wooky and of course Mama Sarah! They made me feel super special and we all had a freaking blast!! I had a few shots, some vodka tonics and let me tell you.. I was feeling pretty groovy by the time Josh whisked me out the door. Walking out to the car I some how stepped off the curb and slide on the side of my foot and *road-burned* the side of my foot...eeeek! It doesn't look pretty hahaha. Josh and I passed out pretty much right after we walked in the door and hit the bed. I woke up wide awake and 5:30 am and chugged about a bottle and a half of water...woke up and felt great! The next day got a visit from my first childhood friend, Sennicca. She was in town from Tennessee. I also had dinner with the Family on Monday night at Joe's Crab shack. I had craw-fish...yumm! I was also forced to stand up with paper towel wrapped around my head and a bucket in hand with a spoon at Joe's. I was supposed to be the energizer bunny...lol. I really, really dislike that stuff...although I'm too nice to be mean about it at the time and just grin and suffer through it lol. It was a fabulous weekend... The only bad thing is that... I was sick with strep throat the week of my birthday *boooo* It totally sucked. I normally don't go to the doctor for colds or anything unless I'm dying of a sinus infection. I had kind of a scratchy throat one night and the next morning I woke up and my whole body hurt, I had fever and my throat was on fire. So I left work and went straight to the doctor because they stopped taking walk-ins at 11am. I felt so bad I fell asleep in the waiting room chair all curled up in a ball. I went in as a walk in and so I was at their mercy, the wait was long and I didn't care who was sitting next to me. I knew I had strep before they even gave me the strep test. Uggck...I got some really strong antibiotics and some fancy cough syrup :) I was still a bit sick on my birthday, but now I'm finally feeling about 90 percent better...my sinuses are still a little angry with me :)

I definitely had a great birthday this year! One that will linger with me for years to come. I also want to say Thanks to my wonderful Husband and my truly awesome friends for helping me celebrate another year of *Strawberry Greatness*.

I love you all so very much ♥

29 March, 2011

Day - 6

Day 06 - A picture of a person you'd love to trade places with for a day

I have been starring at the computer for at least 30 minutes now trying to figure out what to do for this one. *Ahhh* My brain feels like it's going to explode...lol. I've thought of actresses, inspiring women, beautiful women and activists of all sorts!

I want to trade places with that woman who wakes up with the morning sunrise and tends to the Earth and her animals, drives into town to sell her vegetables and fruit with a huge sun hat and worn shoes. A woman who who feels she has a daily purpose, who knows exactly where she fits...in the big picture. It would be refreshing because we live in such a fast paced world.

Day - 5

Day 05 - A picture of your favorite memory

The day Josh and I closed on our house was so exciting! We grew up just a little bit more that day and at the same time we were still like two little kids, giddy and over the moon in love with our new place to call home. After years of tiny places, ghetto fabulous neighborhoods and noisy upstairs neighbors we were happy to give it all up and finally have our own backyard. I have many favorite memories but this one really makes me smile ♥

27 March, 2011

Day - 4

Day 04 - A picture of your night

It took me a while figure out what I wanted to do on this one.. So I decided to use my Birthday night since it was just a few days ago! I had an absolutely amazing night bowling with my closest friends and honestly couldn't have asked for anything more. Thank you all again for an Awesome Birthday Night ♥

25 March, 2011

Day - 3

Day 03 - A picture of the cast from your favorite show.

Fringe!! My husband Josh introduced me to this show and I've been hooked ever since. It has replaced my "Lost" addiction...I also love Survivor, Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, and House...Fringe is my favorite ♥


Day - 2

Day 2 - A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest

We've been through the good, bad and ugly together! She is my rock, my confidant, my soul sister, the fuel that drives my crazy and funny side, the girl I've been the stupidest with, and the shoulder I've cried on so many times. I feel so grateful to have found such a true and genuine friendship so early in my life. We've known each other since before we had boobs! She is a beautiful person with a huge heart and she's pretty effin funny too - she's my Anna-banana ♥

23 March, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 1

There is a photo challenge going around in the world of facebook...so i thought I'd join in on the fun!!

Let's see if I can make it all 30 day *laughs out loud*

Day 01 - A picture of yourself with ten facts

I am an Aries 7 with a Leo Moon and Virgo rising.

I'm a natural Redhead with freckles and all.

My grandmother adopted me when I was 9 years old.

Vintage owls remind me of childhood..life's most forgotten adventure.

I'm an infertile woman on a mission to create life.

Crito is a nickname my best friend gave me in middle school.

I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid *sigh* I was never really that great at math :/

If I could be anything it would probably be a palaeontologist - Laugh all you want!

I believe that true love conquers all.

I'm horrible at telling jokes!


16 March, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day ♥

*Sigh* Spring is definitely in the air ♥ and March is off to such a great start! Only 9 days left until my Birthday *hehee*

I got to experience the *Greatness* that is Lady Gaga on Monday and it was so freaking Fab-uuuulous! I danced my little ass off the entire time...Anna and I jammed pretty hard-core on the drive back to her house too :)It was Great!! I was off work for the day and drove to Anna's at about 3:00. We made some cocktails and got ready to Gaga blasting in the background. We met up with Lindsey and two of her friends...Courtney and Jen, at the Fairfield Inn and Suits across from the American Airlines Center. We had a great view and I could see the Market Hall building from her window...my favorite building in Dallas. We made a few more drinks at the hotel room and all had a shot before we met the cab downstairs. The crowd was huge, dressed to kill and excited beyond anything. The "Scissor Sisters" opened for Gaga and put on a pretty awesome show. I would definitely go back to see her :)

I bought a scrapbook back in October of last year and just now got around to doing it. *pat's herself on the back* Throughout the week I've been going through files on my computer and finding stuff to print. I've realized that because of this digital world we've all become accustomed to... my actual printed photographs stop at about 2008. Everything else is either on a CD's, random hard-drives and SD cards :/ I went to CVS today and printed 65 pictures for only 11.99. Not too bad! I'm excited to buy another scrapbook and do a "Friend" one. The one I did today was of Josh and I through the years...starting all the way back from the good ole high-school days..hehehe. My pictures have just been sitting in boxes for so long that I'm tired of walking into them and just sick of staring at them all crammed into the corner of our cloths room... I can't imagine how many more boxes I would have if I'd actually been printing everything from the last few years...lol.

Only another week and hopefully and we'll be embarking on a very interesting journey. We're digging deeper into this world of *fertility treatment* and putting our hearts out there on line...completely unprotected and vulnerable all at once. It might work *fingers crossed* and we'll be on cloud nine or it could fail and we could be crushed in a single instant. Either way I'm ready! Whatever outcome is dealt to us, we will handle... It's already after midnight so I guess I should go ahead and wish all my fellow Irish Lovelies a *Happy St. Patrick's Day* Don't forget to wear your green and at the end of your hard day...please have a nice cold pint of beer, green if you can find it and If you don't drink...then you're not Irish *tehehee*

♥An Irish Blessing ♥

“May God grant you always...A sunbeam to warm you, a moonbeam to charm you, a sheltering Angel so nothing can harm you. Laughter to cheer you. Faithful friends near you. And whenever you pray, Heaven to hear you.”


12 March, 2011

Japan earthquake and tsunami.

The TV and Internet world is saturated with news from Japan. It is heartbreaking and awful to see... Yesterday March 11th, an 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan and caused a massive tsunami wave that washed inland and then spread across the pacific ocean to Hawaii and the West coast damaging ports in California and Oregon. The damage was minimal for the US coast. The damage to Japan is unimaginable. Complete and total devastation.

Thursday night I got off work at 11:00 went home, had some soup and went to bed. I had a turnaround at work..ugh!! I tossed and turned, got back up to take some melatonin, got on the computer to check out the news; like one normally does when they are completely bored and are trying to stall time, and that is when I saw the news. In big bold letters "DEVASTATION IN JAPAN" My heart started pounding. I was shocked and blown away by the pictures, videos and reports flooding in. Then I went back to bed and could not sleep :/ I only had a few hours before I had to be back at work and now my brain is wired with such shocking news. It's so sad.. So many lives lost. It's such a crazy thing to think this big ball we live on has a mind of it's own and can cause such chaos in a matter of seconds. Japan uses nuclear reactors to provide a large amount of power to its country. They are badly damaged. The news headline right now reads " PARTIAL MELTDOWN UNDERWAY". Reading that scares the crap out of me. I know we're far enough away here in Texas, but if that thing goes or several go...then all that radiation and toxic crap will follow the jet-stream straight to the US West coast. *smh*. My heart goes out to all of those suffering from this tragic event. I keep going back to The Huffington Post to check the news...why is that tragic world events in the news seems so addicting? Not that I'm saying I'm happy this happened... but that I feel I just have to keep checking for any new piece of info. Ahhh... It's all this end of world crap people talk about. just the other day I saw an article about a large group of people who think the world is going to end this May..riiiiight *smdh* People like that kind of make me a tad nervous. I think a small part of my brain is fearful about our future and when stuff like this happens it makes me worry a little more. I know the world isn't going to end but things seem so tense and strained everywhere...like a balloon right before it bursts.

Tonight is daylight savings time. *Boooo* It would not be as bad if I didn't have to be at work at 7am :/ On a random note - I'm totally addicted to the TV show Fringe, I think it has filled the "Lost" hole in my heart. *Hahaha* I ♥ it! And yes I was talking about the TV show "Lost". I love mystery. Only one more day till GaGa *Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah* - *happy dance".


10 March, 2011

Almost there!!

I’ve never been excited to get a visit from AF but this month is a totally different story. I’m secretly counting down the days in my head! We are past ovulation and onto the two week stretch *giggle*. I’m really excited to get this show on the road. Bart, Sheila, Jen, Wooky and Miranda came over for a Mardi Gras dinner on Tuesday, I made my first King Cake, it was a success!!Josh marinated and then cooked pork-chops on the grille while I made sides inside and enjoyed several glasses of wine with Jen and Sheila! Bart took some photos of course which turned out lovely…and we just all sat around chatting and sipping wine. It was a really nice visit… I feel badly that we don’t visit them as often as we should.I told Josh and Sheila on Tuesday that we were going to make this a little tradition. We are going to have them over at least once a month for Family dinner and some always needed catch-up time! It’s important that we stay close as a family.

We finally got an offer on the truck… They are offering 6,300, which isn’t bad at all. I was totally thinking we’d get screwed, but someone was looking out for us! We have to fax all the paper work in tomorrow and hopefully by Monday we’ll get the money and we can start looking for a used car. I seriously do not want car payments so we are planning to pay cash for something, hopefully something from a private owner. I hope this is a smooth process. *sigh* I‘m sad that we’re saying goodbye to the truck…she’s been with us for a while and moved us and our belongings many times; she has been good to us. We thought about getting another truck, since we’ve always had a truck and car, but with gas prices at 3.40 a gallon and rising, I think a car will be better and probably cheaper. Especially, since we want to bring a little one into our lives. We won’t be moving for a very long time…so we decided a car is the smartest option.

Since this is our “Month Off” of fertility meds... I’ve been enjoying wine, a smidgen of caffeine here and there and not having hot flashes followed by spontaneous crying episodes. It has been nice :)The closer we get to starting the IUI process, the more my stomach has butterflies..hehee. And...everyone and their mother is having dreams about me being pregnant! It's is kind cute when they tell me, and I can see in their eye's that they feel, "this is a sign" lol...

The Lady Gaga concert is on Monday and I am sooo excited!! I’ll be meeting Anna at her house in Carrollton; we’ll get ready there and then head over to meet Lindsey for a drink because she’s staying in a hotel a few miles from the American Airlines Center :) I have been preparing myself for the awesomeness of Gaga, by jamming out to her tunes all week while getting ready for work! I’m ready to have some fun and sing my lil-heart out! I love the month of March, the season is changing, the time changes, the flowers start to bloom and of course...My birthday is in March!!

05 March, 2011

An awesome documentary!

The strength and courage of the Liberian woman truly amazes and inspires me deep within and on a very human level. A will to survive, to be treated like humans beings and to have Peace instead of War. I just watched "Pray the Devil Back to Hell". An awesome Netflix choice...indeed! It reminded me of the many atrocities that are happening to people; especially woman and children around the world. Woman and children living in countries ravaged by war lords, violence, rape and hunger. It reminds me to be grateful for the blessings in my life, my rights as a woman and the many freedoms I am lucky to have... I mean good lord, I honestly can't imagine what that does to the human soul... to live in a place that is basically Hell on Earth. The spirit and passion those woman carried upon their shoulders is deeply moving. Laughing, smiling, crying, singing, Muslim and Christian. Grandmothers, Aunts, Sisters, Daughters and Mothers came together and moved a nation with their voice, courage and perseverance. They have been able to transcend their own suffering and have ultimately changed their lives and the futures of their children forever. Very powerful!