07 February, 2011

"You no wann no kiieeds?"

Today is one of those days where everyone wants to asks you if you have kids and then of course the "Oh really...why you don't you?". I got my nails painted today *no fake nails for this girl* for the first time in about 7 years *giggle*.It felt nice to pamper myself a little bit. Kim, the tiny little Vietnamese lady painting my nails asks me how long I've been married, and then proceeds to ask how many children I have. I say "none" and her eyes get all big and bright. "You no want no kiiids?" she says in her accent.I say "We've been trying for a couple years now" and tell her I've been taking fertility drugs. She smiles this most awesome smile at me and squeezes both of my hands and says " Now you come to me...you gonna get pregnant, I touch you and give you good luck, I have 8 children" I laughed a genuine laugh as she tells me the names and ages of each of her children, obviously a very proud mom. Normally I would have wanted to sulk and be sad about it... but it actually felt nice to just blurt out that we are doing fertility stuff and are seriously trying. It feels good to say it!! For so long when people would ask why we didn't have kids yet I would just say "We are just taking our time, no rush if you know what I mean" which was total BS. I just didn't want people to know we had problems but now that we are in the thick of it...it feels nice to let it out and let people know what's really going on. Today at work Mr. Appsoloft asked me when I got off work and whether I had kids waiting at home for me. I said "No" then gave him the same spill "We're trying", fertility treatment, blah, blah, blah" and he did the exact same thing with his eyes. I'm guessing it just really surprises people to know there are people out there who are married and don't have kids yet. Then he told me a really sweet story about his sister who tried for years and went through what we're going through, they were successful in the end. *I love happy endings*. He says "I know it's really cliché but it will happen when it happens" lol. Strange Day...I can't wait for our appointment in March. I'm really nervous but ready to hear what they have to say :/ Josh has not had a red bull in 10 days. He is sweet and honestly it really shows me that he wants this as much as I do!

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