06 February, 2011

Winter has graced us with her icy presence!

Winter has graced us with her icy presence once again! Monday we were hit with several inches of ice, the temp did not get above freezing for several days and then we got a few inches of snow on top of it all! I know it creates such a mess and hassle for people to drive but it always makes me feel like a kid inside waking up to snow covered trees!

Josh drove me in at 7am on Wednesday and then I drove myself to work the rest of the week...it was pretty scary and exciting at the same time. There were a few moments driving in on Friday that I almost peed myself..lol. The roads were covered in ice and then the snow fell...so it was really difficult to see grooves in the road that I'd driven on the night before. As I type this very minute it's raining heavily outside and the temperature is continuing to drop. We have another arctic blast and winter-mix on the way! The Superbowl is on right now, SO crazy to think in just a few short hours they will be descending upon downtown to finish celebrating...lol. it is going to be a late night :)

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