21 February, 2011

Rubella schmellla

Today was not one of the greatest days.. It was a shit-tastic day to be honest. I woke up this morning at 4:45 from a really sad and depressing dream. I was moaning in my sleep because I woke myself up, but I was totally crying my eyes out in my dream. Josh fell and started having some sort of heart attack or stroke or something...I was trying to resuscitate him but he was dying and I couldn't save him. The dream was full of grief, sadness, anger and complete loss. I've not had a dream like that in ages. It felt so real..as if I lived through that whole experience. It definitely set the tone for the entire day. It was "yell at Crystal day" at work. Not by the people I work with but by guests..errr I hate days like today. I pretty much got home and went to bed for a nap, spent about 30 minutes crying in bed and then fell asleep and woke up at 8:30...Josh woke me up with freshly baked Margaretta pizza - my fav! I got my Rubella vaccine today after my not so fabulous work day and every since I got the shot I've felt a little sluggish, colder then normal and overall very blah. I've been bundled up on the couch watching Sense and Sensibility, this movie always calm my soul when I'm feeling down and overwhelmed by the world and it's crazy people. I also had to deal with the insurance claims person who surveys the damage of your vehicle. I got into a car wreck on the 12th of February :( I was driving to work downtown and a woman ran a red light and slammed into the side of my little truck..errr. She didn't even have a license! She was listed on someone insurance and the insurance is valid but now her own insurance company can't get in touch with her. Luckily I got a police report and had a witness. This month has been stressful... I'm ready for Gaga and birthday fun!

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