10 February, 2011

Once upon a time contest!

My friend Crystal Michelle who is an amazingly talented photographer is having a Valentines Contest. Send your love story and win a free couples session with her!

Please take a look at her site and send in your own love story



The Story of a Pnut and his Crito...

It was a fine spring day freshman year. He'd been sitting at my lunch table for weeks and today I had the nerve to speak! Something about his smile made my heart feel like it was floating, he consumed my thoughts and I was hooked instantly. He was your over-achieving high school boy who didn't wake up everyday caring what people thought of him. He was a dork, nerdy to tha max, a singer and a theater geek...he definitely skipped to the beat of his own drum. After weeks of eying each other across the table we started joking, talking and then the innocent flirting kicked in. He left the lunch room early one day and so did I. Somehow we managed to bump into each other on the second floor. He was wearing a red theater shirt, a jesters hat for spirit day and juggling chocolate milk...lol. He then set them down and in sign language asked for my phone number. He called me that night at 10:30 after I sneaked the phone into my room and from that day on our relationship was in full bloom. I would sneak the phone every night and wait for his call, we would talk for hours and hours. He picked a red and yellow rose from his mothers rose bush, brought them to school, gave them to me and asked me to be his girlfriend on May 1st 1998. Love was pumping deep in our veins and fueling our teenage fantasies. In the middle of sophomore year my crazy grandmother moved me to Burkburnett Texas...to the middle of no where! Josh and I stayed together :) It was probably one of the hardest things to do in my teenage life...moving away from everything you've know is really hard. Josh came to see me every few months, and I would see him when I came to visit family. We wrote to each other every week. He even made me a cassette tape to take with me, which I listened to and cried to every single night for 2 months. Moving made me realize that my heart was meant for him, that he was truly my other half. I couldn't be completely happy without him. Eventually I made it back to fort worth and got an apartment with my brother in the middle of my junior year. I was finally back home and we were inseparable.
Josh took me to the Magic Time Machine May 1st of 2001 and asked me to marry him in the valentine booth *giggle* He got down on one knee shaking and sweating and asked me to be his wife. I was over the moon in love with him. We were engaged for two years and married on May 24th of 2003. Our love has grown everyday and and changed us both so much along the way. We have grown up with one another and watched each other change from rebellious teenagers to adults who push through life with love as their shinning light...we've changed each other in ways never imagined during the puppy-love stage. Josh stood by my side and held my hand when couldn't see past my own drug addiction. I got lost in a world that I didn't belong in. He was hard on me but walked by my side and continued to love and support me despite my flaws. Without his strength and support I honestly don't' know if I would have been strong enough to kick my drug habit. I am sober because of his love for me. It took many long nights of tears, painfully deep conversations, NA meetings and harsh words to wake me up and show me what I was throwing away. He is a patient man with a very deep love who I admire so very much. This year we'll be married for 8 years and have been together for a total of 13 years. Sometimes when I really think about the amount of time we've had together it just floors me. I never in my wildest dreams as a child could have imagined being so blessed with such a genuine love. We have been suffering from infertility for the past 6 years and desperately want to start a family of our own. This has been by far the most difficult thing to deal with as a couple and has tested our love in many ways and in some ways tested our character as humans.. Our love is strong and carries us through each month of sadness and disappointment. Somehow he finds a way each month to keep me laughing and keep me pushing forward. We know our love is strong enough to get through this painful hand of cards we've been dealt. We know that if we are unable to have children that we will not love each other any less...that in-fact we will have what some couples never have...the ability to give almost all of ourselves to one another. We are nothing special to anyone else but to each other we are the greatest things since sliced bread. We watch star trek and play scrabble, we clean house and cook together with the radio turned up real loud..contemplate the meaning of life, watch the stars and talk about how one day we'll fix the world :) We dream big and dream together...for ever and always ♥


  1. This one made me cry!! Ya'll are an amazing couple I love to hear all your stories keep them coming. Love ya girlie!!!


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