20 February, 2011

Moving on to IUI treatments!!

Josh and I got to see Dr. Laura Lawrence at Fertility Associates of North Texas on Tuesday this past week! It was the 15th and we were there for about 2 hours talking with the Dr about Morphology, egg health and different types of treatment ideas. It was an information overload. It was kind of funny to look over at Josh throughout..hehe He was a trooper through it all. We are a good candidate for 3-4 rounds of IUI <--- In other words, an Intrauterine Insemination. They are going to put the swim team a little bit closer to the finish line. I am no longer going to take Clomid. It made my vision kind of blurry while I was taking it, my Gyno never even asked me if it blurred my vision. Dr. Laura said that Clomid can cause permanent damage to one's optic nerve. Eeek! My vision is already a little challenged...lol and I definitely don't want to risk my eye sight trying to have a baby. I'm going to take something called Letrozole to stimulate ovulation. I'll have to tinkle on the little sticks again, get sonograms to see how many eggs my ovaries produce with the Letrozole and measure the size of the follicles to make sure the eggs are mature enough. When I get the LH surge it will be time to inseminate the "not so original way". Josh will give his sample of the swim at the ARTS building next door to our RE office, they will wash it (get rid of the bad stuff) add it to some protein mixture and then deposit it into my baby making oven! Then we'll wait and see if it works. It's honestly not that complicated...compared to injectables or invtro. With all my heart and soul I pray to the Gods that we don't have to get to that point. When we saw her on Tuesday we were all set to start this IUI process when my next cycle comes, which should be this week sometime. Unless I got pregnant this month *crosses fingers* and then I would get that Halloween baby *sigh*. I had a bunch of blood drawn to test for various different things. Then...Friday morning my nurse Coral calls to tell me I have absolutely no immunity to the Rubella virus (MMR = Measles, mumps and Rubella (German measles)). I told Coral I'd think about it over the weekend. No big deal right?!? Ugh...we have to wait whole month before we can start any IUI's :/ Aaannnndddd...we have to use condoms...rotfl or "contracept" as Coral would say. *Yea kids...so I know you haven't used a condom in about 8 years but now you do and you have to do it for a month...have fun* I was really bummed after my phone conversation. I was sooo excited to get started in March! It could have been my Birthday present *giggle*. I kept thinking... Rubella? Mumps...measles!?! Who the hell even gets this crap anymore, I mean at least here in the states anyway :/ I had to set my selfish and impatient feeling aside and do what's best for the health of our future Baby Bernard. Contracting Rubella while pregnant would be detrimental to the baby's health. I work in a Hotel and see people everyday who get off planes and who knows who they were sitting next to. I was torn on what to do I wanted to jump right in and get started lol... This is a true test of my patients. Josh and I talked about it on Friday and then Sunday night again, I asked him what he thought and He said "We've waited long enough, what's another month of waiting" so I knew my answer.. "We wait" I'm kind of excited at how it worked out because my Birthday is March 25 and I'm going to Lady Gaga on the 14th so now I can actually drink and let me tell you...I'm gonna have a blast!

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