01 January, 2011

Welcome to twenty eleven!!

Another year has passed and new year is here to play! That means my Birthday is right around the corner and I'll be 28 years old...wow!! I would bitch about it...but honestly I'm excited about growing older..it seems to get better and better and I seem to have more of an understanding of myself the older I get :)

Let's see... Twenty-Ten.. was our first full year in the house..hehehe. We had some ups and downs but mostly up's, a lot of laughter, many snuggle days, movie nights, BBQ's, sky watching, friends and family dinners. It was more then I could possibly ask for! I've been blessed with true friends that care about my well being and my happiness..and blessed with an amazingly supportive family. This last part of the year has certainly been the most difficult for us emotionally. Trying to conceive a child when you are having infertility problems can really take a lot out of you mentally. The many months of Clomid, hot flashes, dashed hopes and negative pregnancy tests has been the hardest part of the year. I've finished my 4th round of Clomid last week and we'll know if it worked at the end of this month. Last month was particularly the worst month of all... It was Christmas and I was sure (in my heart) that we'd be blessed with an amazing present. It didn't really work in our favor which left me very sad inside..so I cried it all out, picked myself up and walked forward with my head held high...because really that's all you can do.

So...for this new year I'm going to be positive and continue to have high hopes that Josh and I will create our own family. I don't normally make new years resolutions...because I hate to set my self up for immediate failure..lol. However I do want to try and keep positivity in my life, live in the moment vs. the past, spend more time with my family... I want to continue to be optimistic and grateful for all the wonderful things I have instead of being unhappy for the things I don't have, I want to let my creativity flow freely from my soul and create things that make others happy. I want to be more organized..hehe. I want to be a good person and help those around me as best as I can.

Happy New Year everyone...may you all be blessed with Love, Good Health and lot's of Laughter - xoxox

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