16 January, 2011

This and that...

Finally work is done and I have two days off in a row *does happy dance and then falls to the floor into a pile of floppy human limbs because she is so tired* Yes, I know..lol a bit dramatic haha! Yesterday Angie and I set up our booth at the convention center, then went back to work and then got back up early to go and represent The Ashton Hotel in the Fort Worth Star Telegram Bridal show. Whew...my feet were soo sore by the end of the day. At exactly five o'clock we were allowed to break down our section. We literally were standing from 10am to 5pm and talking the entire time about the hotel and everything we do for weddings. My brain is exhausted and a little angry at me..hahaha! I really enjoyed getting to see so many excited and newly engaged women with their moms, sisters, friends and some fiance's! And omg...some of the girls we saw we so young! I guess I really can't criticize because I was pretty young when I got married, I'm sure the girls who sold me my dress at age 19 thought the same thing. It was definitely a blast and it will be great business for the Hotel. The last few weeks were busy yet seemed to drag by endlessly..ugh!

My mom drove with me to Oklahoma for my cousin Erica's wedding, which was beautiful *tear*. We stayed the night at her house and had a few drinks with her maid of honor and brother Andrew. They have grown up so much, it's crazy how fast time goes by and how quickly people grow up and into their own. The drive up was refreshing, we jammed to some good groves and were witness to an alluring country side with beautiful blue skies :) I love road trips for that sole reason! Getting out of the city and breathing in the fresh air..seeing grass and trees everywhere...it's just amazing. Also a little dispiriting how living in the city can make you forget what it feels like to not be anchored down by such a robotic
daily routine. I'm not saying I hate my life by any means, just that I wish I had more real life mixed in with this technologically infused reality we call life. In Oklahoma my cousins live on a bunch of land...we woke up at 9:00 in the morning on a Saturday to go horseback riding through the cow pastures, up and down creeks, through small rivers of water..it was very real and grounding. I felt more connected with myself and thoughts then I have in a while. It made me feel alive and buoyant,
ready to go again and explore more unseen land and feel the power of the beautiful creature that carries me across land. After riding for a while we drove into town (about 15 minutes away) and got McDonald's..hehe. Even though I feel anchored down by the copula of city life I still realize that this is my life no matter what! I'm grateful that I have family that I can visit in order to to calm that nature craving part of my soul. The wedding was quite lovely, full of passionate young love ready to take on the world.It was charming to see Uncle Andy all shined up in a suit for his daughters special day, he looked handsome :)I wish them both all the happiness life can possibly offer them. Mom and I drove back home Saturday night after the wedding, we stayed for part of the reception and then headed out and made it into Fort Worth around midnight. Lucky for us too, because it snowed the next morning!

Tomorrow I plan to sleep in and visit my grandmother. I'll save cleaning my messy house and doing the pile of laundry on my floor that keeps growing for Tuesday. And I'm finally taking down my Christmas tree..lol. It's just a little one so it won't be too difficult to put away. On a fertility note: I'm currently waiting for AF to come *laughs out loud* we'll see if Clomid worked for us on the 4th try. I doubt it but ya never know hehe! After last month I've pushed back a lot of my enthusiastic thoughts. I'm not giving up and not being negative..just taking it one day at a time and not getting my hopes up...this could be a long process and there is no need to get crazy this early in the game...

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