06 January, 2011

January Sunset

Yesterday as I walked out of the grocery store I was hit in the face by one of natures most beautiful wonders, an evening sunset with amazingly vibrant colors... It was auuh-mazing...and stole the breath right out of me. I love the sunsets and sunrises here in Texas..they are always so pretty. My cousin Erica is getting married this Saturday in Wilburton, Oklahoma...so I am taking Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday off...Woohoo! I definitely need a little break from this busy city. I'm super excited for her, and super excited to wear my cute little bridesmaid dress!! This will be the first time I've been a bridesmaid in someone's wedding!! The only bad thing..is the timing of it all. I've been peeing on strips all week hoping for my pink line to show up indicating that it's ovulation time. It needs to hurry... I've been worried that I wont ovulate until I get to Oklahoma...eeek!! :/ I really hope it happens tomorrow or at least by Friday...haha. Josh was going to go to the wedding, but Popou is coming in town for Lake Charles, and taking all the guys (Bart, Josh and Wooky) to the Cotton Bowl game to watch LSU kick the shit out of A&M..haha, so needless to say Josh got luck this time. Sooo...we are patiently waiting and hoping for that line to show up tonight or tomorrow that way we can get all the baby making time in that is humanly possible. LOL I told him that I will have to pounce on him before I leave for my trip and then as soon as I get home and walk in the door..it's on! I know this is probably a little too personal to some..but if you've been following my blog then you understand..heheh.

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