05 December, 2010

Oooh Mercury...

Mercury is about to go retrograde and I can definitely feel everything slowing down and becoming a little more intense. Mercury retrograde happens 3-4 times a year. Basically mercury slows down and then looks like it becomes stationary or that it's moving backwards but it is just and optical illusion. Mercury is the planet of communication also the ruling planet of Virgo an earth sign.  It seems like there are more miscommunication and delays during this time. Retrograde is also a period when you can step back and contemplate life and your surroundings more so then you normally do. It's a way to look back at things and understand why you did them..We get so busy with everyday life  that we don't take time to look things over..so Mercury's energy forces you to feel the things we've been putting on the back burner. If you're open minded and receptive this stuff (astrological influences) can really be beneficial to ones soul, in almost a spiritual way. I'm not super religious, although I respect religion as a whole. Astrology just makes the most sense and I understand the movements and energies of the planets better than most religions. Planets in Astrology tend to symbolize, activate and stir awareness I click with astrology! Josh pokes fun at me if I start jabbering about what planet is where and in what sign...but I think he understands that it means something real to me inside. So for this Mercury Retrograde I wish everyone to have peaceful moments of solitude and quiet reflection. Mercury goes retrograde December 10th - December 29 in the signs of Capricorn and Sagittarius. Earth and fire :)

The Winter solstice is not far away! I'm really excited because Wooky and Jen will be getting Married that day!!

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