01 December, 2010

A November Sunset

A November Sunset

I haven't had the urge to drag out my paint and brushes lately ( as in many..many months)..but yesterday I did and It felt deeply cleansing in some way. Peaceful..with just myself, my paint and my thoughts. I was proud that I finished. Over the last year my art has had some difficulty flowing freely..and when I would start something I wouldn't finish it.. So this is good.. hehehe. Josh was napping, the dogs were napping..and of course the cat was napping. I was extremely bored with tons of housework that needed to be done yet I didn't want to do any of it lol. So I pulled the chair up to the window of our office that faces west, I opened the blinds and gazed upon a beautiful sunset, it was as if the sun was singing an enchanting song and I was memorized by it's stunning warmth. The season is changing so fast now.. There are leaves everywhere! Just the other day when Sarah and I went on our evening walk and we were crunching as many leaves as we could along the way. It is still fun to act like a kid when every possible :) I just love the way the evening sun sets upon a cloudless sky and you see the deep hues of blue, green and orange..how there is no line between each new hue..only flawless beauty that spilled out into the sky and how the leave-less tree branches reach out to the sky to absorb the suns rays..one last time before day is gone *sigh*. Beauty is all around us

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