22 November, 2010

Three gators in a pool..

I had very strange dreams this morning.. I was in a house with a pool in the backyard. I've been to this place before in my dreams several times. It might even be Josh's parents house but in Louisiana or something. I just remember going outside to go for a swim..but there were alligators in the pool..and the water was murky like a pond. There were a total of 3 gators in the pool. I went inside to get my camera so I could take pictures of them..when I would look down at them to focus the camera it made their eye's big, as if they were staring straight thought my soul. The sky was very odd looking too but that's really all I can remember. I also had a weird dream on Saturday night.. I was out at a club or bar of some sort and someone told me that Sarah's mom had lung cancer..and yes this is the same Sarah that frequents my dreams. I went to go see them and Sarah's dad would not speak to me..and then it was over. Strange..and I waited too long to write about it so I lost most of the good details.

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