18 November, 2010

Ovulation is a go...

Finally...Texas has received some Fall-ish weather. The leaves are dancing all around, the sun is setting early, the air is crisp and I am in love with it all. I went from by progesterone test on Monday of this week and my Doctor called Wednesday to say everything looked great and that I defiantly ovulated this month *yay* Now we're in the "wait and see if it worked phase" again...haha. I will take a pregnancy test on Thanksgiving if I have not had my cycle by then. It will be CD-35 for me...last month I went 42-CD's and that was horrible, my brain wanted to implode in on it's self...if that's even possible. Ugh...the wait & "What if" was almost unbearable to take, obsessive thoughts were playing in my head 24 hours a day and each day that I was late. If it's negative on Thursday then I'll start the drug (prometrium) to start my cycle again. So my fingers are crossed and...my toes *giggle giggle* that there is a little bun in my oven. And if not..well we've got another month to try...so I'm pretty happy about that. Something I'm even more excited about is "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" Part 1 *happy dance* It comes out tomorrow. Oh-Emm-Gee I can't freaking wait! Date night with Harry Potter is always worth it. Normally we wait up and see the midnight showing but this year we're planning to go Sunday with the guys. Josh and I both have to work early the next morning. I'm going home tonight to watch the "Half Blood Prince" so I'm caught up and and ready for the new one Sunday. I was going to re-read the last book..but I really haven't had time and if I start now I'll get absolutely nothing done over the next few days.

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