11 November, 2010

A November Girls Night ♥

Time change has happened once again! I'm not complaining.. It just takes me a few days to get back on track lol. And for some odd reason I refuse to turn my house clocks over for at least 3-5 days.. Every year..seriously. I will say that this year's fall daylight savings time definitely benefited me!So I'm happy about that. I had a girls night *happy dance* and got an extra hour to be out since the time fell back at 2am. Actually I think it was more helpful that I got the extra hour to sleep..Sarah and I made the trek across downtown to the parking garage and it was already after midnight so we really didn't need any extra drinking time haha. It was sooo much fun! Anna's friend Crystal, who is super cute..had her Birthday in Downtown Fort Worth, I got them a really great rate at the Hotel and about 15 girls showed up to celebrate at Cantina Laredo! We had yummy food and Mango Margaritas. They were delicious but really expensive..eek! After Cantina Laredo we walked down to 8.0 a bar with a big outside patio area...they usually have a band but it was kinda dead and we were looking to have some fun. We walked to the Library next and that's where we stayed :) It was loud, crazy, packed and exciting..plus the drinks are pretty cheap and that's always a plus. Once we got to the Library time just flew by. We were all having soo much fun..I think Crystal had a really awesome Birthday. Sarah got me home safely..she always get's me home safe and she is one of my closest and dearest friends..I ♥ her. Josh was our back up plan in-case we were to drunk to drive. The best thing to do before a night of possible heavy drinking is to EAT!! We stuffed ourselves with yummy Mexican food..chips, quesadillas and tortillas...and more chips. It's when you don't eat that you wind up throwing up shots before you make it to the bathroom, sitting on the toilet with your head leaned up against the stall trying to make the spins stop or sprawled out on the sidewalk drooling on yourself. That is no bueno and not very classy. I always try and pace myself..I've gotten better over the years. Honestly I don't drink that much anymore and definitely not as arrogantly as I did when I was in my late teens and early 20's. Now it's pretty much Birthday's and the random house or holiday party. I have not had a girls night like that in a very long time. It was good for the soul.

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