29 November, 2010

Last round of Clomid..ps (please work) Love, Me...

I started the my last round of Clomid this week. I really hope this month is the month it would be a nice little Christmas surprise. I can't believe it's already gone by so fast :/ At least I won't have to deal with the hot flashes for a while..hehehe. Who knows what they'll put us through when and if we have to see the Reproduction Endocrinologist..Hmmm . I'm trying to think positively about this month it's a little frustrating becuase it feels like I already know it's not going to work..So I'll be in complete shock if it actually does work. There is a big part of me that hopes and wishes since it is our last round maybe it work *giggle* Who knows it would be a fun story that we could tell our child one day..of how much trouble it was..lol. I have high hopes and high nerves. *fingers crossed*

Thanksgiving was this week..I had to work. Ugh! Haha. Josh and I got up at about 10:30 got ready and headed over to see my side of the family..which consist of my Grandma, Dad, Brother and his Wife Teresa. It was pretty low key, chill and relaxing. My dad made a delicious turkey..he always does :) We only stayed there for about an hour and a half and then headed over to Jen and Wooky's house, since Sheila and Bart
were in Louisiana. We saw little miss Miranda and Sarah. I got some mashed potatoes at Jens..hehe. The potatoes weren't ready at my grandmas when we got there..lol. After leaving Jen's we went back home and I got ready for work and that about sums up my Thanksgiving for 2010. Last year we cooked at our house because I was off work..it was great. Josh and I definitely want to cook Thanksgiving dinner next year. Tomorrow Josh and I are cooking our own little dinner and are set to watch Toy Story 3!! The only thing I didn't get to eat on Thanksgiving was green bean casserole..my favorite next to deviled eggs and mashed potatoes..yummm!

Today was my first day off after the long Holiday week at work and I was a complete bum today... I planned on vegging on the couch all day with Netflix but I was actually somewhat productive. I rescued Sarah from Pep Boys..she had a flat and it was going to be 3 hours before they could get to her tire. So I picked her up and we hung out for the afternoon. She helped me decorate my lil Christmas Tree :) It's cute..only about 4 ft tall. I had a bigger one but my grandma wanted to have a big Christmas tree for Arthur so I traded with her so he could enjoy the big Tree! I remember as a child we always had a big tree..I loved it! We also went for an evening walk and I discovered this secret path through our neighborhood. I love random adventures..especially at sunset on a crispy cool November evening . Good times...

22 November, 2010

Three gators in a pool..

I had very strange dreams this morning.. I was in a house with a pool in the backyard. I've been to this place before in my dreams several times. It might even be Josh's parents house but in Louisiana or something. I just remember going outside to go for a swim..but there were alligators in the pool..and the water was murky like a pond. There were a total of 3 gators in the pool. I went inside to get my camera so I could take pictures of them..when I would look down at them to focus the camera it made their eye's big, as if they were staring straight thought my soul. The sky was very odd looking too but that's really all I can remember. I also had a weird dream on Saturday night.. I was out at a club or bar of some sort and someone told me that Sarah's mom had lung cancer..and yes this is the same Sarah that frequents my dreams. I went to go see them and Sarah's dad would not speak to me..and then it was over. Strange..and I waited too long to write about it so I lost most of the good details.


AF came today..right on time too :( Well all I can say is I hope this is a "Third times a charm" kinda thing. I'm kind of disappointed..obviously. I guess I'm happy it came though after last month being late 2 weeks. Taking a pg test on Thanksgiving would have just been a slap in the face anyway..I feel very let down but I'm glad it came when it did. Looks like it just might not be in our cards to have a child.. My heart is heavy today, my eyes are holding back tears and my smile is a little forced but I'm going to keep my head high..and try and enjoy this holiday week..

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!

18 November, 2010

Ovulation is a go...

Finally...Texas has received some Fall-ish weather. The leaves are dancing all around, the sun is setting early, the air is crisp and I am in love with it all. I went from by progesterone test on Monday of this week and my Doctor called Wednesday to say everything looked great and that I defiantly ovulated this month *yay* Now we're in the "wait and see if it worked phase" again...haha. I will take a pregnancy test on Thanksgiving if I have not had my cycle by then. It will be CD-35 for me...last month I went 42-CD's and that was horrible, my brain wanted to implode in on it's self...if that's even possible. Ugh...the wait & "What if" was almost unbearable to take, obsessive thoughts were playing in my head 24 hours a day and each day that I was late. If it's negative on Thursday then I'll start the drug (prometrium) to start my cycle again. So my fingers are crossed and...my toes *giggle giggle* that there is a little bun in my oven. And if not..well we've got another month to try...so I'm pretty happy about that. Something I'm even more excited about is "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" Part 1 *happy dance* It comes out tomorrow. Oh-Emm-Gee I can't freaking wait! Date night with Harry Potter is always worth it. Normally we wait up and see the midnight showing but this year we're planning to go Sunday with the guys. Josh and I both have to work early the next morning. I'm going home tonight to watch the "Half Blood Prince" so I'm caught up and and ready for the new one Sunday. I was going to re-read the last book..but I really haven't had time and if I start now I'll get absolutely nothing done over the next few days.

11 November, 2010

A November Girls Night ♥

Time change has happened once again! I'm not complaining.. It just takes me a few days to get back on track lol. And for some odd reason I refuse to turn my house clocks over for at least 3-5 days.. Every year..seriously. I will say that this year's fall daylight savings time definitely benefited me!So I'm happy about that. I had a girls night *happy dance* and got an extra hour to be out since the time fell back at 2am. Actually I think it was more helpful that I got the extra hour to sleep..Sarah and I made the trek across downtown to the parking garage and it was already after midnight so we really didn't need any extra drinking time haha. It was sooo much fun! Anna's friend Crystal, who is super cute..had her Birthday in Downtown Fort Worth, I got them a really great rate at the Hotel and about 15 girls showed up to celebrate at Cantina Laredo! We had yummy food and Mango Margaritas. They were delicious but really expensive..eek! After Cantina Laredo we walked down to 8.0 a bar with a big outside patio area...they usually have a band but it was kinda dead and we were looking to have some fun. We walked to the Library next and that's where we stayed :) It was loud, crazy, packed and exciting..plus the drinks are pretty cheap and that's always a plus. Once we got to the Library time just flew by. We were all having soo much fun..I think Crystal had a really awesome Birthday. Sarah got me home safely..she always get's me home safe and she is one of my closest and dearest friends..I ♥ her. Josh was our back up plan in-case we were to drunk to drive. The best thing to do before a night of possible heavy drinking is to EAT!! We stuffed ourselves with yummy Mexican food..chips, quesadillas and tortillas...and more chips. It's when you don't eat that you wind up throwing up shots before you make it to the bathroom, sitting on the toilet with your head leaned up against the stall trying to make the spins stop or sprawled out on the sidewalk drooling on yourself. That is no bueno and not very classy. I always try and pace myself..I've gotten better over the years. Honestly I don't drink that much anymore and definitely not as arrogantly as I did when I was in my late teens and early 20's. Now it's pretty much Birthday's and the random house or holiday party. I have not had a girls night like that in a very long time. It was good for the soul.

04 November, 2010

Trick or Treat

Halloween was awesome..Always my favorite ♥ I went to a haunted house Friday night with Anna and Sarah. We went to Hangman's House
of Horror and I'll just say the adventure getting there was very..ummm interesting. It should not have been as complicated as it was and somehow it was extremely complicated. We got there in one piece so that's all that matters right? The haunted house was really fun. I would say on a scale on 1-10 for scary factor only about a 5 or 6 but still exciting lol. I worked Sat night and did a turnaround..Meaning I got off at 11:00pm and went back at 7:00am. Ugh.Everyone hates turnarounds..but sometimes it's nice to get it all out of the way, especially if that turn around is leading into your Friday. I know..it's a complicated way of thinking sometimes. For Halloween night I met Sarah over and Jen-stars Snail ranch and we trick or treated from there. The kids were so freaking cute. Liberti was Bat-girl, Ethan a Vampire and lil miss Miranda Jane was a fairy *very cute one*. We did not win the pumpkin carving contest at work. *sad face* ET did not rock the house as we thought he would, in-fact we came in last place. Bummer :( The executive office staff won, which I can't lie they totally deserved. They did a great job with very little time available and they used glitter..which is always cool! I got a job promotion *happy dance* I am now the Front Office Manager for the Hotel..got a little raise too which is always nice. I have been with my job for 5 years..I work hard, treat people well and I'm reliable..I definitely feel I deserve it. I will also get to work a little more in the mornings. Josh works days so that will be great! The weather has really started to get cooler around here. We turn the heater on at night lately so we're not freezing in the morning and yesterday was cloudy and rainy..my favorite. This weekend I'm going out downtown for a girls night out. *betta watchout* Haven't had one of these in a while. I'm excited and ready to shake it on the dance floor! The elections were on Tuesday and yes I voted..and I voted early. Because I voted early I did not get my sticker..kind bummed about that..haha I have a collection of my old ones. I'm seriously a dork. Rick Perry is still the governor of Texas..boo to that! I'm just glad the republicans didn't take the senate..ooh politics..why do you make me so crazy? Speaking of crazy.. The Clomid is in full swing* come on ovaries you can do it*..lol Hot flashes are back.Ugh..at least It makes me laugh ♥