03 October, 2010

Happy Birthday Pnut

My husband is 30 years old now Eeeek…that means I’m not far behind.Josh got a fancy grill for his birthday from his parents Bart and Sheila, they came over to our house Saturday and brought Chipotle for dinner *yumm*. We put the grill use Monday September 27th for Josh’s 30th Birthday celebration in the back yard. I'm thinking it was the first of many more BBQ's to come. It was really a great day, the weather was amazing..Fall is definitely showing her love to us all...and Sarah pretty much spent the day with me running errands and getting food together…she is awesome!!Jen, Wooky, Justin, Ant, Sarah, Misty, Ben and all the kiddo’s, minus Miranda came to enjoy the BBQ that Josh cooked up and my goodness it was finger licking good :) I’m very lucky to have a husband and chef all rolled into one. I personally think 30 looks good on him..He seemed a little bothered by turning 30 throughout the month..but the day came and went and he seemed just the same hehe. I think things only get better after 30...your twenties are all about figuring it out..thirties are about putting that life experience to use..haha at least that's what I think now..I'll get back with ya when I'm turning 30 lol

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