17 October, 2010

A craptastic day!

Still no sign of Aunt Flow and this morning I took a home pregnancy test and it was a Big Fat Negative otherwise know and a BFN. I learned this as I was obsessing over Clomid forums last night. Guess I'll be calling my doctor in the morning to see what's going on. After taking my test this morning I went into the living room depressed and bummed, I slumped onto the couch and then got up to let the dogs in since they sleep in the laundry room at night. Daisy came running in first and after and few minutes I realized that Roxy and Scruffy had not come to lick and jump on me yet which is odd because usually they are climbing on top of one another just to get to me. I went out to the back yard only to find the gate wide open. I immediately freaked out and ran into the street. Roxy was just coming across the street and I didn’t see scruffy anywhere. I started yelling out his name and then I burst into tears and then a hard sob. I called Josh at work, thankfully he answered. I cried my way through telling him that scruffy was gone. At that moment I really did think that we’d ever see him again. I walked up our whole block twice crying the entire time. I asked a few kids if they saw a little dog. One little boy said he saw two dogs but when he explained to me what they looked like I realized that he was talking about Daisy and Roxy. Today is the first time I’ve meet some of my neighbors and I must say in my moment of utter desperation and sadness… they were all extremely nice and comforting. Several people got my house number and said if they found him they’d bring him to me it was comforting. I got back to the house after the second walk around the block and went into the laundry room crying and asking Roxy to go find scruffy… she just looked at me with her head low to the ground…I could tell that they knew something wasn’t right, Daisy had a very nervous look on her face and right behind me the whole time. I walked outside and Josh pulled up (he rushed from work.. thank goodness we live somewhat close to our jobs) I ran to his arms sobbing and crying and he just squeezed me realy tight and kissed my head. He then went straight in the house grabbed Roxy and said lets go. He let Roxy down and kind of followed her…all the while Josh is saying “which way did he go Roxy”. The way we were going I told Josh he probably wasn’t down there because it was kind of far and a boy on that street did not see any dogs… But low and behold about two blocks over there was Scruffy hiding out by a fence of other dogs. Poor little guy must have been lost and afraid…when he saw us he was excited but afraid to come out to us until we got a bit closer. I cried even more when we found him *sigh* Thank God I have Josh in my life sometimes I’m just not sure what I’d do with out him he truly is my personal hero :)

Scruffy is one lucky pup. We still have no clue how the gate came to be open but Josh bought a lock on his way home from work. So I feel a lot better now. After a year in the house this is the first time any of our dogs have gotten out…it’s very scary. My dogs are like little people to me they have such a important part of my heart and today I felt my heart was breaking. Someone was looking over our shoulder today and for that I’m very thankful.

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