14 October, 2010

Anticipation can bite me

Anticipation...is not my friend.

On a fertility update - I'm two days late and have been feeling for 3 days like I'm going get a visit from Aunt Flow but nothing yet so...as you can imagine I'm kind of a hormonal ball of mess right now. I'm keeping it in pretty well as to not seem on the outside like such a crazy female but I sure feel it. Ugh! I know it is just two days but when you're trying to get pregnant every hour can feel like a day..yes I know it's so dramatic lol. Eeerrrr!! I really hate waiting. I wish it would just come already if it's gonna.. stop teasing me. At first.. 4 days ago I was excited because I woke up and my nipples were really sore. They still are which is odd for me. I've had sore breast before but not nipples. So of course I got super excited inside and though ohhhh..this could be the first sign so I bought a two pack test I took one and it was negative, my mom thinks it's too early to tell. I think my brain is playing tricks on my body haha. I've been having lower back pain for the last 3 days, as if I'm going to start any minute..it's weird and I've felt the normal moodiness that comes along so I'm guessing I'll probably start soon. My anxious thoughts about everything is probably what's causing me to be late or maybe the fact that I've been taking the Clomid. Huummmm well I guess I'll wait a bit longer but if no visit by Sat..I'll take a test. I remember in the past...that every time I'd finally get the courage up to go buy the damned test I would finally start..lol


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