16 September, 2010

Staycations are the best..and yes that is probably a made up word.

I have one more day left of my 8 day vacation *sigh*. I'm kind of sad that it's coming to an end but also ready to get back to my daily routine :) I get a little stir crazy sometimes. My vacation started off with Liberties 6th Birthday party which was a big success! She seemed very happy and got lots of neat things to keep her entertained..she's getting to be such a little lady. We also celebrated Zayin's birthday at putt-putt..bumper boats and go-carts oh-my.

Jen, Nykol and I went to see Dave Matthews Band at the super-pages center out in Dallas..he always puts on such an awesome show. We brought chairs and beer and had our own little tail gait party in the parking lot.Sunday night we celebrated Sarah's 28th Birthday at Overtime a sports bar about 7 minutes from my house. However, we really didn't think about it being the first night of the new football season, it was really crowded and every few minutes the bar broke out into either a loud sad cry or a victoriously loud scream..the Cowboys lost *errr* better luck next time boys. We had a blast either way..several rounds of shots and few vodka tonic's later we made it back to my house..poor Sarah got sick once we got home ahhaha..but she did it gracefully!! She fell asleep or rather passed out on my living room floor and then about 25 minutes later her cousin called to tell us she forgot her purse..so I had to go and meet her off 30 somewhere. I dragged Sarah's drunk ass with me, she was in the passenger side seat with it stretched all the way back curled up in a blanket..she had a good Birthday :)

For the last few day's I've been watching Arthur my nephew (he is such a gorgeous child). We basically lounged around the house having chick-nuggets, watching cartoons and eating pudding. He likes Josh too, so that's a plus, he's fun to be with..I just hope his parents will get their lives in order so that he can be more stable. Nykol helped me do a henna treatment on my hair!! It's definitely made the color more vibrant without looking box dyed..I hate the chemicals in normal hair dye which is why I hardly do it..so Nykol introduced me. This stuff turns into a mud paste as it dries on your hair it looks like you literally dipped your head into a bucket of mud..oh and you have to wash out about 2-3 times with shampoo to get all the muck out..lol. Hair parties and wine are always the best.

So...I officially start taking Clomid on Saturday *Eeekk* I'm nervous..but ready to ride the ride.. Jen read my cards last night..which she hasn't done in a few years (we used to read them almost every weekend) they were quite intriguing I must say! Send us positive vibes..

Ooohh...Josh's 30th Birthday is coming up on the 27th..planning a backyard feast with some adult beverages, music, good friends and family!! I really can't believe he's going to be 30.. That means in a few years it will me my turn (bring it on). I love this time of year, seriously.. I come alive in the last half of the year. I have to say this vacation has been really nice and refreshing. I still have a full week of vacation time left which is totally awesome. Josh and I are planning a trip down to Lake Charles to see his family the last week of September or the first week of October.. it will be nice because it's been a while since we've seen everyone.


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