22 September, 2010

Happy Fall Equinox ♥

Today is the 2010 Fall Equinox ♥ partnered with a Harvest moon.. what a celestial treat! Fall is my favorite season of all and I especially love the changing of the the season. Just yesterday I was driving with my window's down and a nice breeze kept brushing by and blowing my hair all around *sigh*. It reminded me of last year when Josh and I were getting up really early, driving out to meet Jocelyn to house hunt..it was so much fun, the leaves were turning, the days were getting shorter and the air smelled different..

Today is the last day of Clomid for this month *thank goodness*. No more Hot flashes.. they are not fun at ALL. At work I pretty much broke out into a sweat every hour and then got really cold when it went away..yuck. Send us some positive vibes this week and next week because it will be baby-making time..lol Okay that's probably a little too much info..lol I promise I won't get detailed about that stuff :)


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