16 September, 2010

Eva Freak Bernard

Rest In Peace
Eva Freak Bernard
Jan 2, 2010-Sept 15,2010

We don't know what happened..perhaps she caught a virus or ate some bad food. When I found her she was just there with her little hands/feet tucked under her head, she was under her tree at the bottom.. it looked as though she went peaceful. I'm still frustrated and want to what happened but life does not always provide us with direct answers.. I'm sad that she's gone and will miss preparing her salads, letting her swim in the bathtub and watching her bask in the sun on the back patio. Her favorite treat was fresh raspberries.. Josh buried her in the compost pile so that she can decompose naturally and eventually nourish other living things that grow in our backyard.. When the time is right we will adopt another Iguana. Rock on in your new life Eva!!


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