23 September, 2010

The Harvest Moon

Tonight's Harvest Moon

It was amazing...directly in front of us there is the deep orange sun dipping into the horizon and directly behind us is the huge Harvest moon rising above the horizon..totally awesome to see!

22 September, 2010

Happy Fall Equinox ♥

Today is the 2010 Fall Equinox ♥ partnered with a Harvest moon.. what a celestial treat! Fall is my favorite season of all and I especially love the changing of the the season. Just yesterday I was driving with my window's down and a nice breeze kept brushing by and blowing my hair all around *sigh*. It reminded me of last year when Josh and I were getting up really early, driving out to meet Jocelyn to house hunt..it was so much fun, the leaves were turning, the days were getting shorter and the air smelled different..

Today is the last day of Clomid for this month *thank goodness*. No more Hot flashes.. they are not fun at ALL. At work I pretty much broke out into a sweat every hour and then got really cold when it went away..yuck. Send us some positive vibes this week and next week because it will be baby-making time..lol Okay that's probably a little too much info..lol I promise I won't get detailed about that stuff :)


18 September, 2010

So much work

Well I started the Clomid on Friday which was yesterday, I originally said Sat but I must have been dyslexic or something because Friday was the 5th day. I could tell that something was affecting me, my sensitivity level was definitely heightened, I felt a little hot and just a little strange overall..kind of hard to explain. But let me tell ya.. sitting on the toilet dipping long paper strips into a tiny little cup of my pee and waiting for 5 minutes is just so exciting. Nothing better I'd rather do haha. I've got my little notepad to keep track of things, my med's and my strips all set up in the bathroom..so I hope this stuff makes me fertile or something along those lines. This is a lot of work just to get pregnant.. and all those years in school teachers made it sound like all a guy had to do is look at you the wrong way and you'd get pregnant, I guess for most people it's like that..one crazy wild night with the one you love or one drunk and crazy night with the one you just met. Some peoples bodies are just drawn together chemically I think..

I've been having some really active dream-time over the last week. I think my mind knows that we are trying to do something, because it has been throwing some awesome dreams my way, very detailed. Last night I dreamed of my old friend Sarah Garrett..we are no longer friends because I was a bad influence after high school with my clubbing and partying ways..So her husband didn't really care too much for my presence and asked her not to be my friend anymore. Sarah is a regular in my dreamworld, from time to time she pop's up and sometimes Kris is with her..but usually it's just her or her and her daughter..last night was especially cool, because I got to see both her kids, her Mom and Brother..we went to a bar together just her and I..we had so much fun it was so real and as if time had never passed. Her hair was long and she was still thin and tall like she's always been. It was amazing to see her I hope that life is being kind to her. Even tho we are no longer friends I know that we still each think of one another. We had a wonderful friendship when we were growing up..most always on the same page together..I miss her so much sometimes. I wonder what her life is like, what things she likes. One day..we'll come across each other and the time will be right again for friendship.

Anywho my imagination is active and awake..which makes me excited to fall asleep at night! I usually have amazing dreams and people say they don't mean much..but for me..I always find some meaning in my dreams no matter how little or how big they are..there is always something there to be found if your eyes, mind and soul are open.


16 September, 2010

Eva Freak Bernard

Rest In Peace
Eva Freak Bernard
Jan 2, 2010-Sept 15,2010

We don't know what happened..perhaps she caught a virus or ate some bad food. When I found her she was just there with her little hands/feet tucked under her head, she was under her tree at the bottom.. it looked as though she went peaceful. I'm still frustrated and want to what happened but life does not always provide us with direct answers.. I'm sad that she's gone and will miss preparing her salads, letting her swim in the bathtub and watching her bask in the sun on the back patio. Her favorite treat was fresh raspberries.. Josh buried her in the compost pile so that she can decompose naturally and eventually nourish other living things that grow in our backyard.. When the time is right we will adopt another Iguana. Rock on in your new life Eva!!


Staycations are the best..and yes that is probably a made up word.

I have one more day left of my 8 day vacation *sigh*. I'm kind of sad that it's coming to an end but also ready to get back to my daily routine :) I get a little stir crazy sometimes. My vacation started off with Liberties 6th Birthday party which was a big success! She seemed very happy and got lots of neat things to keep her entertained..she's getting to be such a little lady. We also celebrated Zayin's birthday at putt-putt..bumper boats and go-carts oh-my.

Jen, Nykol and I went to see Dave Matthews Band at the super-pages center out in Dallas..he always puts on such an awesome show. We brought chairs and beer and had our own little tail gait party in the parking lot.Sunday night we celebrated Sarah's 28th Birthday at Overtime a sports bar about 7 minutes from my house. However, we really didn't think about it being the first night of the new football season, it was really crowded and every few minutes the bar broke out into either a loud sad cry or a victoriously loud scream..the Cowboys lost *errr* better luck next time boys. We had a blast either way..several rounds of shots and few vodka tonic's later we made it back to my house..poor Sarah got sick once we got home ahhaha..but she did it gracefully!! She fell asleep or rather passed out on my living room floor and then about 25 minutes later her cousin called to tell us she forgot her purse..so I had to go and meet her off 30 somewhere. I dragged Sarah's drunk ass with me, she was in the passenger side seat with it stretched all the way back curled up in a blanket..she had a good Birthday :)

For the last few day's I've been watching Arthur my nephew (he is such a gorgeous child). We basically lounged around the house having chick-nuggets, watching cartoons and eating pudding. He likes Josh too, so that's a plus, he's fun to be with..I just hope his parents will get their lives in order so that he can be more stable. Nykol helped me do a henna treatment on my hair!! It's definitely made the color more vibrant without looking box dyed..I hate the chemicals in normal hair dye which is why I hardly do it..so Nykol introduced me. This stuff turns into a mud paste as it dries on your hair it looks like you literally dipped your head into a bucket of mud..oh and you have to wash out about 2-3 times with shampoo to get all the muck out..lol. Hair parties and wine are always the best.

So...I officially start taking Clomid on Saturday *Eeekk* I'm nervous..but ready to ride the ride.. Jen read my cards last night..which she hasn't done in a few years (we used to read them almost every weekend) they were quite intriguing I must say! Send us positive vibes..

Ooohh...Josh's 30th Birthday is coming up on the 27th..planning a backyard feast with some adult beverages, music, good friends and family!! I really can't believe he's going to be 30.. That means in a few years it will me my turn (bring it on). I love this time of year, seriously.. I come alive in the last half of the year. I have to say this vacation has been really nice and refreshing. I still have a full week of vacation time left which is totally awesome. Josh and I are planning a trip down to Lake Charles to see his family the last week of September or the first week of October.. it will be nice because it's been a while since we've seen everyone.


03 September, 2010

Fall is on the way..

First I have to give mother nature a big thanks...because the weather has been absolutely amazing the last few days. We got some much needed rain and a cool front blew in to give us a break from the 100 degree summer we've been having. I hope it continues. I'm just excited to feel that fall is on is on the way. This time last year we were house hunting...I can't believe it's almost been a year

I went this week for my “Clomid Consult”. Spoke with my doctor in person about all the test results and again everything looks really good. She even laughed about the semen analysis. Josh has like 92 billion sperm. So he’s got a big swim team haha. I asked if there was anything we could to affect the morphology but she said not much. Basically he needs a good diet, vitamins, good sleep and no hot baths or sauna visits. She went over the Clomid with me, the side effects and for the most part I think I will be fine! The chance of multiples does go up by 10 percent, but I told Josh that I wasn’t too worried about that, I mean hey…if we could have two and get it all done and over… that would be fine with me especially if it’s going to be this difficult for us in the first place. So the Clomid isn’t really going to do much for Josh, but it will make me extremely fertile meaning I might release more than 1 egg hopefully a few, so that there is a better chance that we can at least fertilize one egg! I’m starting to get very excited. I will only take the Clomid for 5 days out of my cycle…this first month I will have to do the ovulation predictor strips for the first round, and when I get my first positive sign, then I’ll go in for a progesterone test to make sure I’m ovulating at the right time. As my doctor says “Timing is everything”. I will be able to take the Clomid for at least 3 months, if nothing happens we can try if for a little longer maybe even up the dose, but if we have absolutely no luck then we’ll definitely have to see the Reproduction Endocrinologist… So hopefully the Clomid is a magical pill for us *fingers crossed*lol. One can only hope!

On another note; my mom has been having some heart troubles. Over the last week and a half she’s been to the hospital 4 times for heart attack symptoms. They said she has Angina. So she had an appointment with her cardiologist on Thursday morning…and they put her back into the hospital. They ran a bunch of tests and did a small rather common surgery to put a stint in one of her arteries, it was at 98% blockage :( I spent a little bit of time with her today before coming into work and she was looking and feeling much better. A year of Plavix, Aspirin and healthy eating should help her recover. We have naturally high cholesterol on her side of the family…my grandfather died of a massive heart attack when he was in his 50’s. So I’m going to be keeping my eye on her :)

Any-who it is Labor Day weekend I’m currently at work with only 2 arrivals (can we say..Slow?). I’m stuck at work the entire weekend…Such is my life. I do have next weekend off though! Liberti turns - 6, Sarah turns – 28, Zayin is going to be – 2…so lots of celebrating! Ooooh yea, Jen and I are getting to see Dave Matthews Band that Saturday.. I’m soo stoked!