26 August, 2010

Morphology Smorphology..

So our test results came back..kind of discouraging!! Everything on my end checks out well. My tubes are clear and uterus looks good, my hormones seem normal and Josh has plenty of swimmers...but has low morphology. Which means that even though he's got a good count, they don't really perform that well, they are shaped funny.. It is discouraging. I thought something might have been up, because he had the swim team tested last Tuesday, I had my HSG on Friday. I called Monday and left a message..no response..I called Tuesday..nothing. So I called again today (wed) and the nurse did not call me until almost 5.. She read a few things off and told me about the morphology, but said that my doctor would look at everything and call me tomorrow. Errr! Well we wanted answers and we are certainly getting them. Maybe not the ones we want but at least they are answers. Hopefully there is something we can do to improve the morph numbers..

I'm nervous, I feel kind of bad for Josh, he seems to be handling it well, but this whole time I really thought it was me..deep down inside I just felt that it was me, hummm. Well no matter what we will get through this. We have love, family and friends to support us along the way.. I'm going to do a lot of research and just read everything I can to fully understand what we are dealing with. I guess in a way..I found love so easily that it's only normal I would have to work in order to have a child..lol


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