30 January, 2010

Snow on Christmas Eve..in Texas of all places

Well happy New Year…Actually I really like the sound of Happy 2010, not two thousand and ten but twenty ten, it sounds so very futuristic.
Let’s see…Where to begin?!? I last blogged in Nov...I was having “rogue Freckle” issues. I had my little surgery on Dec 2nd, and had three spots removed. The results turned out to be good. Atypical Junctional Nevus and Atypical compound Nevus. Basically they are mole or birthmarks that resemble Melanoma in many ways but the only way to tell the difference is to have them removed and tested. So I’m in the clear I will see a dermatologist every 6 months to a year. I have about 15 other “Rogue Freckles” that I will keep my eye on. For now I’m healthy and that’s what matters most.For the very first time in my life…I played in the snow on Christmas Eve.. in Texas and woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland. (I even built a snowman) I’m not talking a few flurries…I’m talking a real snow fall of more than an inch. It was amazingly beautiful. Josh and I had the day off and spent it lounging around the house, peering out our glass patio door, giggling like kids and letting lose adult squeals of complete and utter joy. For a moment...We were kids all over again. We watched as the wind blew snow off the roof into a swirl the size of a mini tornado. Our backyard backs up to a creek and there are no houses behind us, so it looked fabulous there are almost no words to explain how it made me feel inside..I have to say buying a house, having a Halloween party, hosting thanksgiving at our place and Snow on Christmas, not too shabby…2009 ended on a very good note. I worked New Years Eve (a hotel never sleeps) and got off at 11:30ish…I made it home just in time to grab a glass of wine, have a puff and kiss my lover a Happy 2010!!