30 November, 2009

Out danm spot!!

What a day…I barely slept last night with everything on my mind…not to mention I stayed up late watching my shows :)...Josh is the best; he makes sure my Sunday shows are ready when I get home from my night shift… plus I had to get up way to early today this morning. Yuck! I’m not the best morning person. So I picked my mom up at 9:30 and we drove across town for my appointment with the plastic surgeon. I have to say I really like him better then the dermatologist that I saw a few weeks back…This guy was very informative and I felt comfortable in his presence. When I saw the Dermatologist he stood by the door most of the time he was talking with me, as if he had a hot lunch date to catch. He was nice…but I just didn’t care for his bedside manor if you get my point. The plastic surgeon looked at the spot on my back and said (That needs to come off as soon as possible) I was relieved and scared all at the same time. I’m glad he’s taking it off sooner rather then later...I also showed him a spot on my left wrist and left shoulder. The dermatologist threw me for a loop and his anxiousness to leave the room and kind of left me overwhelmed…so I never showed him any other spots I was concerned about. But the surgeon saw them and has decided to take them at the same time. So Wednesday morning I have surgery at around 8:00 in the morning. I have to be there at 6:45…double yuck!! They will sedate me and do an excision with margins on all three and then they will send them off to be tested. I’m hoping, praying, and trying to stay positive about this…but I have to say I don’t think I’ll be able to rest easy until I get the results back..I have no idea how long that will take. I’m sure I will find out Wednesday…I guess the only plus side is that I’ll get a few extra days off work and some good pain meds...hehe Josh is going to take me to the hospital..I’m so glad I have him. I’ve been at his side through all his medical hiccups, hospitals visits and surgeries…Guess it’s his turn now :) But I wouldn’t have it any other way he is my very best friend and I know he’ll take great care of me.


29 November, 2009

Thanksgiving, Homeownership and Spots

Well...we closed on our house October 16th it was a great day, Miranda turned 2, Family was in town from Louisiana...and overall it was just amazing. I feel so grown up now hehe...We are officially homeowners ane we've done our part to help the housing market..haha It’s been amazingly awesome to have so much room...a nice big kitchen, a laundry room and a back patio to sit and enjoy the beauty of nature. The dogs love the dog door and the cat finally learned how to come in on her own. She was in shock for the first week; I knew when it got cold she would come in…and she did!

For the first time in 5 years I got thanksgiving off work so Josh and I hosted Thanksgiving at our house and it was perfect. Words can’t fully explain how happy I felt to have everyone there with us, the Cowboys won, we had wine, the kids watched movies and everyone was happy and full by the end of the day...it was truly one to remember. The food was great and the company even better. I’m so thankful to have such a supportive and loving family!

In other news…I recently went to a dermatologist for a spot on my lower back. I’ve had it all my life, only over the past year I’ve noticed a change in size, shape and color…So he’s referred me to a plastic surgeon…He believes it’s a possible melanoma. So I go tomorrow at 10:15 in the morning. My mom’s going to go with me…She went with me for my first visit to the Dermatologist. I’ve had an entire week to let it eat at me and drive my brain insane…I also have a depression in my skin; on my hip that has a white color…not like my normal pale skin, it makes my butt muscle sore..lol. My dermatologist said it’s Morphea which is a form of localized scleroderma, or lupus…It kind of took my by surprise. I’ve done a bit of research on it which honestly hasn’t been that helpful. The internet is not good for anyone with a health issue they are worried about…It will make you think you have everything known to man!! Which is what I’ve done to myself most of this week…I haven’t really talked a lot about it...Just here and there…but let me tell you it’s been on my mind every waking minute of my days this past week. I’m nervous. My mother has had two episodes of Superficial Spreading Melanoma…they caught it early on her chest, and told her that if she had waited more than a week for the one on her leg that it would have spread through out her lymph nodes..Scary!! So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s just a pre-cancer meaning it doesn’t have active cancer cells…or if it is cancerous…I’m hoping that I didn’t wait too long…I have an appointment with an ENT on the 8th of December to have my lymph nodes checked out in my neck..I’ve got two swollen nodes...they’ve been swollen for over a year…I got a biopsy done a year ago and the doc said it was probably just an infection in my body collecting in my nodes, he gave me an antibiotic but it did nothing..So when I asked my dermatologist...He referred me to an ENT to have a thorough check up. I’ve had vertigo off and on for the last month so hopefully he can tell me what’s up. I know I probably sound like I’m falling apart or maybe even a little like a hypochondriac haha.... I’ve been so awful to my self...I haven’t been to a doctor unless I was dying of the flu since about 3 years ago..I stopped caring about my health and just didn’t think about taking care of me…but times are changing…Because if I want to live to be old and gray..Then I need to take the appropriate steps to maintain my health now. Any-who that’s my update wish me luck tomorrow!!