11 October, 2009

The leaves are falling

Breathing in the beauty that is emerging from this Autumn tale, my soul is awakened from a thick summer sleep. The leaves are falling in brilliant fashion; the ultimate symbol of change. I am ready for it, I have been ready and I will greet my changing life with an open mind and soul. Change has been knocking on my door for some time now, a sweet tap that will not go unnoticed. The air is crisp, cool and whips my hair wildly around my face.
I look out into the multi faceted world that surrounds me and I see that beauty is hiding everywhere, waiting to be discovered, yearning to be written about and photographed. Mother Earth holds many wondrous secrets in her pockets. I wonder about many things; often the future. I question most everything and wonder how life will be different as I become brittle, grey and wrinkled. This life we are so delicately weaved into, crosses many mountains,wades many rivers, and staggers across vast desserts along the way. Don't you have to look forward to live life instead of looking back? I am saddened inside to see those chained to their past, frightened by God's wrath and fury..frightened at the thought of an unyielding loneliness...Yes, it is helpful to look back and understand a life lived then, who we are, and why we are who we've become. What about now? What about living life today with compassion, justice, truth and integrity, living with your head held high instead of buried in your tear stained hands. So many are being pulled under by the nasty current that is our media, our government and radical religious bigots...The media steals away your thoughts and replaces it with a mind numbing drug called "Social Opinions". Government bullies and and Self Richous Religious leaders want your money and care nothing about your personal gain, but you brought money for collection today..your a good person even if you don't have food to feed your family...Does our society care nothing for the people that keep it running... I used to believe that an opinion was a great thing to have, it was something you owned, something you created, something powerful! Now days, opinions are being forced down our throats every which way. It makes me sad in a way that I can't really express. What ever happened to "If you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all". Watching the news is no longer informative, it's a money and power hungry machine that slowly eats your soul. You don't even know it's happening until you stop, step back and take a good look. I stopped watching TV about 6 months ago...it has been a blessing. TV shows are great don't get me wrong I love several shows but I get them online and bypass all the bull shit in the middle...Life doesn't need another opinion..Life needs action, people to stand firm and walk the walk instead of just talking to talk...Life is begging for transition, the people scream out for understanding and compassion.