23 September, 2009

House round 2

The Palm tree and big front window

The Front

Hall Bath

Cute Mirror :)

Entrance to front living area from front of house

Second living area looking into kitchen
and a sliding glass door behind the blinds

Kitchen looking into living area

This kitchen is really good size
I cant wait to cook in it..

Covered back patio to sit outside during a rain storm :)

Roxy and Daisy..oh yea and Bloomberg, are gonna love this yard!

I'm in love with this house..keep your fingers crossed for us!!


22 September, 2009

Dear Fall, I missed you..welcome back :)

An awesome storm rolled into town earlier this evening...it’s was thunderous, angry, and full of lightning…it was truly beautiful. There were some strange clouds in the sky. Driving back to work it was just so weird…I don’t usually see clouds like that, but that’s because fall has arrived!! I know it’s only about an hour past midnight. To me it’s officially the start of fall, or…autumn, which ever you choose to call it.I have been waiting for the season change…like a kid waiting for Christmas...My life is changing right now and the seasons are changing with me, or I’m just changing with them lol…All I know is that I am ready for change and I’m ready for windy days, leaves crunching beneath my feet, sweaters and Halloween…Oh, I can’t wait till Halloween…I know most people don’t consider it an actual Holiday but in the mind of the “Crito” yes I’m referring to myself in third person with a nick name ha!...hehe Halloween is the best Holiday!!! Then comes; Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love the end of the year…So needles to say I have been ready for this season change a bit longer than I should naturally be. Now it’s here, like a present waiting on the porch when you get home from a day…Excitement fills you as the cool wind whips across your face and the smell in the air…Ahh…such a beautiful season :) Okay, so we made an offer on another house last Friday, they did: a counter offer, and today they accepted our offer!! I was dead asleep; Jocelyn called at 8:30 am I tried as hard as I could to sound awake, somewhat, at least. So we’re going Round #2 on this house stuff… I’m excited, a little nervous, but extremely anxious…I’m ready to get this done and over with. If all goes well we should close mid October. Maybe we’ll be there in time to have a Halloween house warming party. I can only hope. Also, I’ve never lived somewhere that I could give out candy to the neighbor hood kids!! I can’t wait to see them all dressed up, it will be a lot of fun. I’ve been a little reluctant to let my self get completely consumed in this new house but I know it’s already happening. Its super cute, has a palm tree in the front yard…haha I used to always tell Josh I wanted a palm tree. I never expected to find a house with one already there. It has a huge kitchen, 4 bedrooms, separate laundry room, new appliances, new paint and carpet, counter tops…1 and a half bath, big backyard and a wooded area behind us. Oh…and a creek that runs along the back wooded area. I’m in love of course, I’m keeping my fingers crossed…Other then that things are good, I’ happy and ready to get moved…I’m going to six flags this weekend with my best girlfriend Sarah, I love her she’s a truly great friend, I’m lucky she thinks I’m cool too. Hahah I feel so loved heheh...can’t wait.


15 September, 2009

Craving Autumn

It has been raining for the last five days and I couldn't be happier. Some of the leaves are falling and changing colors, fall is beginning to show it's pretty face. Rain is mentally therapeutic to me… And it’s the greatest gift I could have received after last week’s brutal slap in the face. the rain has been quietly falling… steadily calming my soul all the while, it's been gray and gloomy while the sun takes a break. I let my self get way too attached..to that damn house...the 9th of September came and went like a cool front on the edge of a sweltering summer day
To our bewilderment the seller decided that he did not want to sell his house and changed his mind a few days before closing...so we are out about 500 bucks, and our emotions have been on an extra bumpy ride, a bit more bumpier than expected. There were many tears…then of course we were just pissed off beyond belief, then there was the bashing of the house (you know listing all the reasons you secretly didn’t like the house) haha we were just blindsided and didn’t quite know how to deal with it. So now we are back on the hunt …It’s frustrating to know we are starting over….But there’s not really a lot we can do about it…except suck it up and keep looking ahead...we'll find another house...perhaps it will be even better then the Bonny Wayne house...All I know is I'm glad to have some rain and a lot of it too! It's been very dry .and now everything is so green and pretty. It almost looks fake to look out and see the green trees and vibrant color of flowers that dot the yards.. I truly love this time of year :)something about it soothes my soul and makes me feel connected as a human to the world around me and the beauty that consistently cradles my creative imagination..and in a sense connected to the giant ocean of living consciousness..I'm more soulfully awake during the last part of the year..during the spring and summer months I am not action oriented..I' more contemplative and observant. I am ready for the season change. Oh, how my mind and soul crave the Autumn and Winter months.