06 August, 2009

my epic dream...August 2009

I have many dreams, but about every 4-6 months I have these unbelievably intense dreams about space, planets, the sun, moon and the earth, end of the world type stuff..they are so very real..each one different, yet similar other ways..they are very heavy and stay with me for years...I'm not really sure why I have them..but they are amazing...sometimes a little too scary!
In my dream we (family and friends) are all sitting around the house watching TV and talking about the fact that it’s 2012, Joking like we did when Y2K came around…and we’re laughing and joking about how nothing has happened…You know because so many people believe the world will end in 2012...Suddenly my mind is transported to some place. Maybe the white house, NASA, or some underground place where there are Astrologists and Cosmologists, scientist...hell I don’t know but people of importance, people who watch the skies for a living…. I was standing in the room off to the side as if no one really knew I was there…I can see on these huge screens the planetary system and people pointing and talking and saying that something is happening out there. They are worried, it causes me to worry, I get panicky, they were using words that sounded crazy and times, and numbers it’s difficult to remember word for word what was in my dream. I woke up to a phone call from my realtor in the non-dream world up so it was hard hanging on to all the details…It’s as if they were saying that several planet’s lined up, I guess my brain pulled up that file…hahah the Great Alignment...lol .In my head I could see Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn and other planets. those are the ones that just came right to my mind when I saw them…it’s as if I knew exactly which ones were which I could see them all in a line. As if they were hanging in front of me on fishing wire…like I could reach out and just grab one of them. With all that I was seeing in my head I was suddenly back inside the living room with the people I was with. Family I think. But I can’t say for sure it’s always people who feel like family and friends, but I usually never really see their faces. Not often…. It was night time, the air was thick, and people were nervous feeling, lots of people were outside their homes gawking and pointing, even crying out and screaming, but also laughing and joking as if it was amusing that people were getting wound up and scared. Outside it was dark; not pitch dark. Dark like your in a lit up parking lot. We are looking at the sky; we can see the moon and it's not as big as it usually is in my dreams! Normally it's as big as an orange. Part of the moon is smoking…as if it’s burning; only it doesn’t look like it’s on fire…it’s eerie thought to think that anything would be going on because everyone’s joked about it for so long, that I think a lot of people have a very small part inside them that gets fearful at the thought “What if something did happen” Well …That something was happening. And we were all standing around in complete shock not knowing what to expect…but in my dream, I knew what to expect…I’ve had a lot of these dreams now so I felt more at home in this dream…as I watched the moon continue to smoke I was again back at the “place” where all the Space people and government people were…I could see them seeing what was happening and just completely wigging out it’s not as if they could hide it from the people. Once people on the ground started to notice anything at all…it spread around the world like wildfire, it was a world wide event, everyone everywhere that was outside or within reach of a TV, radio, internet… knew that something was happening way out there and we had no idea what was going to happen. Standing outside again we are watching the moon smoke and there is all of this cloudy vapor type stuff way out in the sky. Not like normal clouds. these were unexplainable, hard to make sense of…the moon suddenly started to burn and fall apart, I ran into the house at this moment, I can remember slamming the door once we were in, and it suddenly got very bright in the room as if the entire sky lit up. I closed my eyes instinctively, then suddenly it was back to regular dim light, everything sounded odd. Actually there was no sound. Nothing was happening, there were no lights, we were completely powerless standing there watching the moon as burned in the sky like the tip of a lit cigarette, it looked as though it was falling to the earth in slow motion and that was all I remember…

goodnight...and happy dreaming :o)

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