26 August, 2009

Iguanas and spaceships

For the last week I’ve been having some very crazy dreams…lol I mean have tons of dreams usually. I’ve had a lot on my mind lately so...they’ve just been extra weird. The first dream I had was Sat night…Now keep in mind, I went to a friends birthday party and had two shots of Jaeger at the end of the night…something that you know...”might have attributed to my freaky dreams”. Anna was in my dream (she is my oldest best friend...not old as in wrinkled and menopausal, old as in, of all my friends she’s the one that’s been my friend the longest” We were sitting in a room getting ready to go somewhere, she seemed upset at me, or at something not in words but in facial expressions. She was quiet and sitting on the floor at the other side of the bed. I was picking off some sticky letters that were on the side of the suitcase I was sitting next to. It was blue and in white letters it said “White Paint”… I was pealing off the letters for that said paint…we were departing…something wasn’t right. While we are sitting there I am snacking on a bag of something I’ve never eaten in real life. The food was fruit flavored but had the texture of cheese puffs. The pieces were big, palm sized, they were shaped like the fruit they portrayed, only they were not juicy; they were crunchy and stuck to the inside of your teeth…it was an odd texture but tasted just like real fruit.
The next night (Sunday) I dreamt about an old pet that passed away in 2005. “The Freak” an Iguana that Josh acquired before we got married...He was a little guy back then, by the time he passed on he was about 5’5” he was huge…He escaped during the spring and lived out the summer in our backyard and the neighbors front tree. The first freeze that year he didn’t make it. So I dreamt the other night that I had moved into my house and I had this great huge porcelain tub sitting in my bathroom…I came from the other room holding an iguana, which to me was the freak in “dream-form”…as if he came to visit me...I picked him up and oddly he wasn’t scratching or trying to get loose…I drew a bath of a lukewarm water…I set him at the edge to the tub and let him slide slowly into the bath, he swam with such peace, swimming gracefully back and forth, diving into the water and swishing his body like a snake, .his pudgy arms straight at his side. He then turned into a cartoon type character, turned over on his back and looked up at me with a smile on his face….it made me giggle, and I felt overjoyed with happiness…it’s as if he had a human spirit and consciousness...he was happy to be in the water and happy to see me!

My last dream was early Tuesday morning…The most intense of my dreams this week..I won’t go into much detail. Only because there is a lot to go along with it…For the most part...there was an invasion on earth, spaceships in the sky, I was freaked out, trying to find cover…I was so wigged out at one point I was sitting on the ground trying to dig a hole that I could hide in. there were thousands of lights above my head each one a mother ship…there were people running, missiles flying…it was totally crazy, insane and quite possibly could have made a great movie had I been able to remember all of the details...So that’s it for my dreams this week. I’m sure there will be many more, since I started all of this house stuff...my brain has been very active at night...it’s kinda been fun, a little creepy here and there…but nevertheless entertaining to my mind

Happy dreaming...



  1. I love reading your dreams. They are so vivid. I use to have dreams like that, now I just crash and I don't remember them. I remember thinking that people who said they didn't dream were crazy. NOW I AM CRAZY! HA HA. Did you know where we live Iguanas walk around like regular anole lizards? It was strange at first, but now when I'm stopped at a red light I catch myself looking for them. =) It's really neat to see them sun themselves on rocks on the side of the highway.

  2. Awww..I bet that would be soo cool..I would love to see them all around town..They couldn't make it here..We get great Texas heat and sun..but we still get winters that get a lil chilly..so it's hard for them..poor lil guys!! I love dreaming..lol


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